Out-Of-Stock Items

Our catalog represents the combined catalogs of many large suppliers. Inventories are dynamic, and it is possible that an item could be in stock today, but out-of-stock tomorrow, and vice versa. Import CD inventories are especially volatile. As a result, we cannot guarantee the availability of all the items in our catalog at any moment.

Our measured overall fill rate is currently running between 97% and 98%. However, 2% to 3% of orders are not filled because the items were no longer in stock when the order was processed. Therefore, in general, one should expect to receive about 32 out of 33 items ordered.

We make only 1 shipment (and charge only 1 shipping charge) per order. Any items that are determined to be entirely out-of-stock throughout our supply line are marked "Out-of-stock", and once the order is closed, these items are processed no further.

Customers who pay by credit card will never be charged for out-of-stock items. Customers who pay by check or money order will automatically receive a refund check for the unfilled portions of their order.

If any item is out-of-stock we will inquire when the order is closed if you would like to be notified when that item is back in stock. Being out-of-stock is usually a temporary condition. However we cannot accurately predict when a given out-of-stock item will be restocked. In general, the larger labels restock more quickly than the smaller ones, usually within a few weeks. Smaller labels, and imports are less predictable.

Any questions? Send us an email at service@cdconnection.com.