Apostolis Anthimos : Miniatures

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Sell date: 1/2009
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Anthimos is a musician of exquisite subtlety, playing both the guitar and percussion instruments. He is most significantly known as guitarist of the Polish rock super group SBB. He has also been involved in co-operation with Czeslaw Niemen, Tomasz Stauko, George Dalaras, John MC Laughlin, Pat Metheny, Paul Wertico, Gil Goldstein, Jim Beard, Matt Garison, Miles Evans, Vangelis Katsoulis, and also a number of bands, including Krzak and Duem. And now Apostolis Anthimos returns with his new solo album. Apostolis talks about simple, common things like friendly chats about every-day stuff, about life and about us, the common people. About music and inspirations, simple friendship, cheerfulness, about passions and dreams. These miniatures are like a sip of ouzo, they are musical pearls with a slice of magma, a journey to the modern Acropolis, but also the madness of Hellas... The introduction to the album and it's first sounds are a true magnum opus, but also the essence of the music and Lakis' sensitivity. It shows Apostolis as the guitarist, the drummer and the fantastic keyboard player... The album is a true masterpiece of talent, hard work and, what seems to be the most important factor, true imaginativeness and passion. 'Miniatures' differs from the previous offerings - the album was created basing on the musical ideas which we could hear on Apostolis' concerts many times before. The most fascinating thing, however, is the musical lightness and integrity of those musical miniatures, the combination of ideas, a true play of imagination, sensitivity coming out of every sound. This album is another chapter of Apostolis' musical adventure, but also, more importantly, a beautiful work of art, mirroring not only the Artist's musical abilities, but also his soul and sensitivity.

Manhattan Circus
Pinnochio's Son
Far Eastern Road
Midnight Walking
Oh, I Can't Stop
Moussaka in Evening