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Big Organ Trio - self-titled debut CD Released: 2006 -------- ALBUM DESCRIPTION: Big Organ Trio, (Mike Mangan - Hammond B3 Organ; Bernie Bauer - Electric Bass; Brett McConnell - Drums), whose debut album was recorded and mixed entirely on analog tape, welcomes several guest musicians into the studio. Guitarist Ken Barclay, sax and flute player Mike Sirkin, and percussionist Damion Corideo, all lend their talents to several songs. On the first track, Diva Mode, Bauer and McConnell lay down a powerful funk groove ala James Brown and Bootsy Collins. This cut features spectacular sax solos, ripping organ solos by Mangan, as well as infectious percussion. Number 9, an energy-packed boogaloo with a few clever time signature twists, introduces some tasty guitar work, utilizes percussion, and exhibits an organ solo that explodes with a fire and tone comparable to Jimi Hendrix. Holy Roller starts as a soulful gospel/pop tune, utilizing some classic Hammond tones and more guitar. The tune ends with a lively double-time romp that highlights a rollicking Allman Brothers-style slide guitar and organ duel. Down and Dirty is a trio-only tune that displays a hard funk groove and some of the nastiest tones and riffs on the album. Earthquake is a specialty track.....a minute and a half of one the craziest organ swells ever put on tape. Organ Grinder starts with a mellow psychedelic mood while incorporating flute and percussion. The song utilizes a very creative Latin rhythm arrangement for drums, and ends with a hair-raising organ, drums, and percussion extravaganza reminiscent of early Santana. Dim the Lights is a trio-only tune, and boasts a slow and crazy rock riff coupled with some odd time shifts and powerful Pink Floyd-esque organ and bass solos. Showtime is an upbeat and funky trio-only cut with amazing band interplay, showcasing spectacular solos from each member and an undeniable groove. Clown Boy is a trio-only track and features a wonderfully rickety groove, an amazing drum solo ala Elvin Jones, and some maniacal high velocity organ runs. The last tune's name, Road Rage, speaks for itself. It offers a deep funk groove coupled with some burning bass and organ solos, a little percussion fueled spice, and more cleverly placed Latin grooves pulled off beautifully on the drums. -------- BAND BIO (2006): B.O.T.'s ability to fuse different genres produces an innovative, modern, and totally original soundscape. McConnell blasts out highly creative and energy packed grooves in various styles. Bauer emits an undeniable pocket and tone, while often taking over lead melodies and solos on the bass. Together they comprise a driving, yet refined, rhythm section that delivers an amazing live punch. Add to the mix Mangan's intensely original approach to the Hammond B3 organ and we have a band that has achieved a very difficult task: finding it's own voice. Big Organ Trio helps bring the organ trio format into the new millennium by approaching it in their own way. Plainly stated, B.O.T. doesn't sound like any other organ based band, and they are spreading excitement in the younger music fan community about the untapped capabilities of this kind of line up. Big Organ Trio released their debut album in early 2006, and for music fans, they continue to be an electrifying band to see live. -- CD REVIEWS: 'The Los Angeles-based Big Organ Trio has big funk, big nastiness, big charisma, and even bigger potential...The compositions BOT navigates through are engagingly complex but not wanky, giving the agile trio ample space to showcase their versatile chops and improvisational creativity... making the organ trio configuration sing with a fresh, raucous voice.' - Keyboard Magazine 'BOT is about deep B3 Funk Rock grooves with a Jam Band sensibility. There's improvisation all over this CD, but this is more rock than jazz, more funk than blues...If you like your organ to rock and funk you (think MMW, Azymuth, Niacin), then check this disc out.' -

Diva Mode
Number 9
Holy Roller
Down & Dirty
Organ Grinder
Dim the Lights
Clown Boy
Road Rage