Bjorn Lynne : Beneath Another Sky

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Electronica, Space, Ambient, World The culmination of three and a half years of development, this 80-minute CD album features a collection of tracks that define the 'classic', unique, Bjorn Lynne melodic - electronic - instrumental style. Customer reviews: 'Pure gold as usual, and well worth the wait. Bjorn has once again provided us with fabulous texture, superb rhythmic themes and a moving overall effect rarely experienced in similar works. Brilliant.' - Mark Lamb, UK 'Once again a brilliant album by Bjorn. If you liked Colony then you'll love this. All the Lynne trademarks are there. Highly recommended - buy it!' - Tony, UK 'Truly amazing. I've been waiting for this album for sometime now. The name is only a recent addition, as it's been a working project of Bjorn's now ever since wrapping up the Colony album. While I enjoy Bjorns ventures into other genres, such as the hip Statement and soothing 'Soothe' (parden the pun) I still prefer his proggressive rock/electronica work purely because it's unlike anything else out there. Sure, you can compare it to Vangelis, Pink Floyd, Christopher Franke - But Bjorn offers his own unique flavours in each and every album, and it's those flavours that always bring me back to his work. It never fails to take you to another world, and that's something progrock & Bjorn does best.' - Pete Baker, UK 'This CD, like many other Bjorn Lynne releases, really is a pearl. It starts warm and atmospheric with some kind of wind blowing in the background that creeps around your neck, taking you on a journey full of adventure and unseen places. The beautiful backside cover art of the CD (which unfortunately isn't visible here) seems to illustrate the feelings that I have when listening to the opening track. At it's end, no silence interrupts the wonderful ambience but instead, exactly like on the album 'The Void', the tracks melt into each other. The journey doesn't stop with a cut - instead you experience a soft transition to another place. The next track, Starfield, is definitely my favourite one. It's spacy, mysterious, slowly developing and the part that starts at 2:16 simply makes me shiver and causes the little hair on my arms to stand up. Fortunately, Bjorn made this one freely downloadable for you to check out - give it a try! Just to shorten this review a little... The album is amazing! It's diverse, uplifting, interesting, electronic, musically ambitious and technically brilliant! You can lie in the dark with your headphones on and listen to it with full attention or just play it in the background when your friends are on a visit. The style is a good mixture between synthetic instruments and effects and acoustic elements, but still mainly electronic. If you are almost exclusively into music solely played with real instruments or into live recorded music, this CD might not be the right choice for you. If you like Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Pink Floyd or simply the other CDs from Bjorn Lynne like 'Dreamstate', 'Revive', 'The Void', 'Colony' or 'The Gods Awaken', this is a must have album for you! In my opinion, this one is some kind of a mixture between these Bjorn Lynne CDs. It's as original as 'Dreamstate' and 'Revive', has the atmosphere of 'The Void' and 'Colony' and the brilliant sound mixture and diversity of 'The Gods Awaken'! When I first saw the tracklist in the newsletters, I thought that the last two tracks, remixes of preceding tracks, were just gap filling stuff to extend the CD to the maximum playing duration. But now I must revise this thought - they are great, almost completely different songs with every right to be on the CD! Especially the second one, 'Over Distant Shores - Ambient remix' gives a warm and atmospheric ending and each time I feel a little sad when it finally fades out - a perfect reason to play the CD again. :-) The duration of the album is over 79 minutes and full of interesting music - you simply can't get more for your money. Thanks for another masterpiece, Bjorn!' - Andreas Benden, Germany 'Bjorn is back to his fave progrock/electronica genre with thi

Over Distant Shores
Sun Temple
Aurora Polaris
Dreams of Glory
Ang Kahora
Beneath Another Sky
Secret World
Bonus Track: Savannah - African-Ambient Mix
Bonus Track: Over Distant Shores - Ambient Mix