Can Atilla : Waves Of Wheels

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Up to now this has only been available as CD-R but now it will be released in it's full glory... With bonus tracks and a new cover! Can Atilla: Keyboards, programming, drumming Cenk EroDlu: Lead guitars MeriC Demirkol: Alto and Soprano sax All music composed, arranged and produced by Can Atilla. Tracks 1-10 recorded and mixed at Studio Ankara by Goksan Arman in 1996. Tracks 12-14 recorded and mixed at 'Home' Studio in 1998. Track 11 recorded and mixed at Poem Studio in May 2003. 2003. Press information. I've always loved electronic musik that can really touch my soul and this release is just one of them that can do that, I find Can Atilla's style to be his own, Not sounding like Tangerine Dream or Klaus Schulze or Jean Michel Jarre, It's a beautifully created set of melodic pieces that will truly become a wonderful classic 'Love Sequence' is Excellent!!..Loved.. 2008. The Cosmic Frequencies Wow what can I say, I've been a Tangerine Dream fan for a long time and always enjoyed the 80s and 90s TD era but of late have not enjoyed there music as much since Paul Haslinger departed then Linda Spa. But I've found the music I've been hankering for in the shape of this fantastic album by Can Atilla. Very melodic and some great rhythms and tunes. I just can't stop listening to it. Another very happy English man 2003. Mall Smith / UK Can Atilla shapes in this album a vigorous music, that flows between Synth-Pop and Space Sequencer Music, with incursions into the New Instrumental Music and evocations of Trance. Though there are slow parts, much of the music has a lively rhythm. The sequencers have an important role in all the compositions. Can Atilla shows in this album a great sensitivity when it comes to creating passages dominated by warm, emotional melodies, together with others where the strong sequencer rhythms dominate. A general trait of the album is the fact that the music happens to be very intense, vital, as if reflecting strong emotions. Edgar Kogler There is some controversy within reviewing circles concerning the use of references to popular artists for the purposes of describing music, but when an album as derivative as Waves of Wheels comes along, I feel it would be almost irresponsible not to use them. Waves of Wheels is heavily inspired by Tangerine Dream, although unlike most other albums fashioned in TD's sonic image, which generally explore more Berlin School territory, this album is inspired by TD's output between 1988 and 1990, known amongst TD fans as the 'Melrose Years'. For those unfamiliar with this TD period, it is generally characterized by bright, compact compositions that utilize crisp, overtly digital sounds, all encapsulated in a traditional pop song format. Note: Unless otherwise specified, all of the following references are to Tangerine Dream. Those who have Atilla's last album Live will recognize the opener 'Torchlight', although in this version Atilla abandons the Jarre-esque lead lines, arpeggios and trance pulse, instead opting for a decidedly more TD-like sound design. This includes Froeseian guitar solos, Linda Spa-style sax circa 220 Volt, the famed Melrose Years harpsichord voice, and even that upward sliding effect from Rockoon's 'Graffiti Street'. Those who thought that 'Torchlight' reminded them uncannily of TD will most likely be blown away by the title track, which is highly reminiscent of the upbeat middle section of 'Midnight Trail' from Optical Race. In addition, it features synthesized choirs and snappy chord transitions, all propelled by a vigorous drum track and a well-defined sense of progression. 'Mona Lisa Smile' offers both relaxed, velvety sax lines as well as upbeat sections, but at one point shamefully transitions between these sections with an almost note-for-note rip-off of the Lily on the Beach title track. The following 'Love Sequence' is blandly but aptly titled, and it's opening refrains reminded me of something off of Christopher Franke's Pacific Coast Highway. Although Atilla has crafted an intoxicating sequence and has overlaid it with an endearingly sentimental

Torchlight [Original Version]
Waves of Wheels
Mona Lisa Smile
Love Sequence
Steel Sky Tales
Pause of Time
Eagle's Dance
Lost in Madrid
Winterland [Original Version]
Angel in Dream
Omega Gate One
New Life in Medresse