Cat ) Yusuf Islam ( Stevens : Life Of The Last Prophet

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1998 spoken-word recording from the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens, his first release since leaving the music business two decades before. When Cat Stevens walked away from fame and fortune to follow his calling, nobody quite understood how and why a successful artist could do such a thing. Nearly three decades later, Yusuf remains as committed and passionate about his Muslim religion while also allowing himself to share his musical talents with the world. Also includes the song 'Tala'a al-badru 'alagna'. EMI.

Life of the Last Prophet: Birth in Makkah Through to the Miracul
Tala'a Al-Badru'Alayna
Ilaha Illa Allah
Muhammad Al Mustafa
The Black Stone
Polytheists & Idols
The Cave
Read! (Surah Al-Alaq)
The Opening (Surah Al- Fatihah)
Allah; the One (Surah Al-Ikhlas)
Rejecion & Boycott
The Night Journey
The Lote Tree (Surah Al-Isra)
Five Daily Prayers
The First Constitution
Migrants & Helpers (Surah Al-Anfal)
Charity & Fasting
People of the Book
Permission to Fight (Surah Al-Hajj)
Battle of Badr
Truce of Hudaybiyyah
Call to the Rulers
Common Terms (Surah Al-Imran)
Makkah Opened
La Ilaha Illa Allah
Idols Smashed
Religion of Truth (Surah Al-Saf)
Farewell Pilgrimage
This Day (Surah Al-Maidah)
The Death of the Prophet
Muhammad Al-Mustafa
Supplication (Du'd)
Tala'a Al-Badru'Alayna