Controlled Bleeding : Blistered Bags Of Fodder Swaying: Works 1980

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The period between 1985 and 1988 was the most productive in the long history of Controlled Bleeding. No fewer than 13 albums and three split works were released in this short timeframe, starting with Death in the Cameroon, and including releases on Sub Rosa, Dossier, and many others. Founder Paul Lemos, along with long-time members Joe Papa and Chris Moriarty produced material relentlessly over this three to four year span, experimenting with noise, industrial, tribal sounds, goth, ethereal, and ambient music. In hind-sight, this furious output set the stage for Controlled Bleeding's more famous Wax Trax works, but the material itself found its way to every corner of the experimental world, and it influenced everyone. Artoffact Records is proud to announce a 10CD collection of Controlled Bleeding material, released between 1985 and 1988, much of which has been out of print for decades. The set starts with the tape-only Death in the Cameroon, and includes seven more Controlled Bleeding albums, including Headcrack, which has never been released on CD. Also included are two Controlled Bleeding off-shoots: the industrial one-off project The Art Barbeque, from 1985, and the Lemos / Papa collaboration Music For Stolen Icon from 1986. The set includes large-size reproductions of the front and back covers of each release, as well as a longform essay by Paul Lemos. All material has been remastered and restored. CD Contents: 1. Death in the Cameroon 2. The Art Barbeque 'Feet Hacked Rails' 3. Headcrack 4. Between Tides 5. Curd 6. Core 7. Paul Lemos & Joe Papa 'Music for Stolen Icon' 8. Music For the Scourging Ground 9. Music For Gilded Chambers 10. Songs From the Drain

Skin Evening
Paris Lights
Ribs in Scavenger's Sack
Death in the Cameroon
Hybler Bees Respond to Stimulous
Chest Cavity Dance Beat
Dredging Phil
Air / Sand
Untitled Return
Roast's One
Mindarnoking Orch.
Herd Scarpe
Niger Life (Note: This Niger, As in the River)
Ants / Rake
Humming Lymphnodes / Seated
Vocal Chant #1
Letters to the Life Cycle Pt. 1
Dry Lungs
Slithering Blade
Music for Earth & Water Pt. 3
Headcrack Pt. 1 (Music for Four Guitars)
Headcrack Pt. 2
Headcrack Pt. 3
Vocal Chant #2
Untitled 1
Untitled 2
Untitled (The Missing Headcrack Piece - Remixed)
Rebirth in Cameroons
Hot Bread (Mic-O-Bay-U)
In the Box
Under Burned Hills
Shaved Sound
Between Tides
The Scorched Ground
After the Rain
Inland II
Gun Bent Back
Brained by Funk
By the Drain (Fujd)
After the Heat
Rhythm to the Body Bag
Scat Duet
Scat Party-Fuck
Land Filter
Whispers (In the Moisture)
Boiling Eggs Pt. 1
Head Sand
Boiling Eggs (Reprise)
Widening the Holes (In the Floor)
The Oven Song
Underside of Lung Trees
Saddled in the Trench
Music for Last Words
Curb Life
Deep Paths
Under Heaven
Bright Shadows
In Blind Embrace
Near the Water (Vocal Mix)
An Awakening
The Turning
The Shallow Sky
After Separation
Voices of the Dead
The Peacock (Music for Four Guitars)
In Dark Waters
Confirmation Part One
Scourging Ground
Tides of Heaven
The Vigil
Healing Time
Confirmation Part Two - Germany
Ash & Stone
…On Eating Garbage
Music for Earth & Water (Pt.1-3)
Near the Water (Instrumental Mix)
Red Stigmata
Under Heaven (Curb Life)
The Groan (Original Mix)
In Sub-Crisis
Music for Glass Stones
The Hidden Section
Glass on Wire
Loop Cycle

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