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 Notes & Reviews
Both of Dave Hudson's CD's, Reverence and New Sickness are excellent new music that is influenced by Tom Waits (and others) but is not derivative. Reverence (his first) is the more Waitsian of the two, while New Sickness (his latest) sounds a little like a cross between 'Mutations'-era Beck and Nick Cave, along with the Waits influence. Brendan Costello, Lurch Magazine *************** Dave Hudson's lyrics are Beat influenced oral poetry with lots of Bukowski-esque references to race tracks, dogs and addiction that sound like they may have been scrawled on the 'back of unpaid bills'. Owen Otto, Section M *************** What exists for Dave Hudson is a heartfelt desire to make the music he loves. The very core of that music is a cuckoo's-nest blues, a feverish cocktail of styles that will ring sincere for as long as people love the ones they hate, and hate themselves for doing it. Stefanie Kalem, Tampa Weekly Planet *************** There's something about Dave Hudson songs that makes you want to use words like 'redemption' and 'blessing'. Perhaps it is that the worlds he creates are filled with a slow-burning desire for something more, with patient existentialism and with lives of quiet desperation. Michael Houghton, Section M *************** 'Reverence limps up to you with the oddly liquidly- phrased 'Matter of Conscience' and tells you it's hard-luck story including, but not limited to going to bed with a bucket of fast food and waking up to belligerent prostitutes. This first cut on the album sounds like someone born in a junkyard trying to sound not so junkyardey. Kind of like a backwards Tom Waits. Maybe the median where someone like I just described would meet Tom Waits. Tom is on his way down to the scrapyard and Dave Hudson and company are on their way up to the bars, but right this second, they're both at (and on) the midway, giving each other the evil eye. From there, we're treated to strange, spooky songs like 'The Rinky Dink Man' my three-year-old's favorite. He even made up his own version of a song with the same name. Mostly the title chanted over and over.), a backwards love song, freakshows, broken maps, and weird relationships and car trips. This album grabbed me instantly with it's accidental, broken, perfectly clumsy opening track and kept ahold of me all the way through it's spoken word, Burroughs-esque-ish final cut. In fact, it is the album that I keep returning to every chance I get. Reverence is Dave Hudson's first release on Rhyolite Records.' Django Bohren, theExcuse.com **************** On 'Reverence', released on Rhyolite Records, the first aural image that pops up is that of Tom Waits. The disc's opener, 'Matter of Conscience', is straight-up Black Rider, from Hudson's accordion and silverware-sounding percussion, to the very Waitsian topic of waking 'up to belligerent prostitutes.' The lyrics sometimes even rival vintage Waits, as when Hudson growls, 'Reload you vision of Eden/Bug lamps and Cretanoid treason/Face down in the suckerborn punchbowl/Wake up to a bucket of NoDoz.' Once the listener gets deeper into the CD, however, other names begin to spring to mind, such as Leon Redbone and Nick Cave. The simple melodies and somber, self-absorbed lyricism of songs like 'Rinky Dink Man' and 'Ballad of the Jelly Man' evoke Leonard Cohen; 'Jazz in My Piano' has a Love and Rockets feel, as if Daniel Ash and Co. had recorded 'So Alive' while drunk on grandma's White Jesus corn whiskey. On the songs in which Hudson's voice remains unprocessed, such as 'Rockpile' and 'I Don't Know You From Jane', he sounds for all the world like 'Rattle and Hum'era Bono. Tampa Weekly Planet *************** As we enter the new millennium it is important for America to...listen to voices that remind us who we are. Dave Hudson is one of those voices; listen to him and listen to yourself. Andrew Loog Oldham *************** Dave Hudson is a singer/songwriter with a unique voice and something to say. His music pays homage to the songs of Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen and Neil Young. Dave blends these influences into so

Matter of Conscience
Rinky Dink Man
We Do Us
The Ballad of the Jelly Man
I Don't Know You From Jane
Monkey in the Manifold
Rock Pile
Rattle & Moan
Pthalo Blues
Altar Goats & Anvils
Jazz in My Piano
Keep the Sky
Down in the Mud