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ANTIQUUS shot to #1 on the New Age Reporter's Global airways charts in July, 2009, and has retained a top 10 position for four months running. The album has been nominated for Album of the Year, Best New Artist, Best Contemporary Electronic recording, and Best Album Art for the Zone Music Reporter's 2009 Music Awards. David Wahler's impressive new CD transcends all labels. His luscious compositions range from neo classical to New Age electronic, yet remain so unique as to garnish raves from the reviewers for his originality and talent. Using his classical music training, David has created a lyrical compass to guide you through the ancient world of oracles and myths in your own search for truth and meaning in today's world. In this relaxing, inspirational music you will hear the influences of Eric Satie, Vangelis, Chopin, Rimsky-Korsakov, Kitaro and many more. It is no wonder that R J Lannan of New Age Reporter says 'David Wahler's music has depth, light and texture.....that somehow parts the fabric of time and let's me drift into an unknown, ancient universe.' Review by R J Lannan, New Age Reporter: For What is Time? I think there are some that are specifically attuned the Music of the Spheres. Perhaps David Wahler is such a person. His unique music embraces the ideology of Pythagoras and Heraclitus. He visits the mythology and mystery that made the glory days of ancient Greece one of the most profound eras in man's history. His album Antiquus is a chronology of wondrous places and events leading up to the modern century. Wahler uses a synthesizer the way metaphysics uses abstract concepts. His music has depth, light and texture. There is literally openness to his compositions, as if he left room inside them for us to wander about, learn something new and make up our own thoughts. David Wahler began the piano at age seven using his natural instinct to understand and play music. That did not give him discipline, so sought out formal training at music clinics and eventually he went on to study performance at Lawrence University Conservatory of Music and Mannes College of Music in New York. Eventually he found himself at the Berklee College of Music's Electronic Music Production in the cultural center of the universe, Boston Massachusetts. His musical influences range from Kitaro to Stravinsky, Satie to Eno, and others before and beyond. Antiquus, the title tune is a refrain that is found in the Spheres, echoing, mirroring sounds that are like rings of waves in a pool of still water. Is it a harmonious portal to an era where thoughts became ideas and reality was in it's early stages? The solution lies deep within the music and as I listen, I find myself floating, and trying desperately to latch on to an answer. With a sound like tinkling glass, Apollo's Lyre is transparent and intricately formed of prismatic light. In mythology, Apollo used his lyre in a contest to defeat Marsyas and his flute. The flute plays a major role in David's tune, dancing gently along with the background strings. No matter how many times I listen to the album I am drawn repeatedly to Hyacinthus. It contains an eerie chorus and a haunting piano melody that somehow parts the fabric of time and let's me drift into an unknown, ancient universe. I can almost feel the angry, jealous breath of Zephyrus as he uses his power to destroy Hyacinthus, the beloved of Apollo. Wahler uses the flute to symbolize Apollo's grief and undying devotion. With the peal of a distant bell, Angelis begins. Lightly strummed guitar and a haunting chorus call and answer in polyphonic tones. Taken from the Missa de Angelis (Mass of the Angels), David has a wondrous sense of balance between the chorus for heaven and the guitar for earth. It is a quiet, spiraling tune perhaps representing the coalescence of the two worlds. This is one of my favorites on Antiquus. The album concludes with the song Ancient Dawn. Truly, I could visualize the sun as it reaches out golden fingers upon the earth. Where goes light, so goes life. The animals wake, the plants grow, the fire is kindled. The

Delphi Dream
Kyoto Mist
Apollo's Lyre
Night Sky of Orion
Lune Mysterieuse
Ancient Dawn