Dorie Pride : Love Will Find A Way

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WHO IS DORIE PRIDE I am an INDIE ARTIST. I believe that we are all here on the planet to be of service in some capacity. Everybody has their own mission. My heart yearns to bring humanity to a place where we are not living for self alone. Understanding that we are all links in a chain and we are only as strong as the weakest link. We are all citizens of planet earth and we connect with one another in a myriad of ways. For me, words and music allow the soul an opportunity to feel, so I paint pictures with my words, give them texture through my voice and frame them with my music in an eclectic blend of WORLD/POP/ROCK/ JAZZ expression.' I pray that you will find light in my music and that it will stir your soul.... Light & Peace Jerzy Yurek wrote: 'Just received a link to your site. Downloaded your very classy, poetic romantic album. In one sentence - I love your music, style and yes love will find a way..' Sherry Pratt 'Dorie is already a STAR to my ears and eyes! When the rest of the world knows of her...she will HEAL the world with her music! A prelude of beauty that will follow in SOUND!' Eugene Jacquescoley a Classical Artist said: 'The 21st century Joni Mitchell is here. Cheers. J' As the Indie Music Channel begins the 2nd phase of it's mission to support and promote some of the outstanding independent talent that is out here in the world, I'm pleased to let you know that, among the nearly 9,000 artists on the IMC, I have placed a special 'Indie Music Channel Top New Artist' badge on your profile photo on your Indie Music Channel page because of your exceptional music and talent. I started the Indie Music Channel a little over a year ago just for artists like you in an effort to help promote independent singers and bands who stand out for their exceptional talent. I'm proud to let you know that you are one of those artists! Congratulations and keep up the great music! Christopher Ewing President/Founder Indie Music Channel SINGER/SONGWRITER/MUSICIAN: DORIE PRIDE is a gifted poetess who spreads SEEDS OF LIGHT through her music. Janet Jackson, Johnny Mathis and The Spinners are a few of the illustrious artists who benefited from her talents by recording songs written by DORIE and her co-writer/Producer KAMAU SEITU. She has been called the BOB DYLAN of this generation because of her prolific and timely observations on the human condition. The passion that reeks from the soul of Dorie Pride paints pictures that capture the listener in a way that is up front and personal. Dorie's sophomore Album - LOVE WILL FIND A WAY showcases her androgynous, smoky voice against acoustic guitar sounds reminiscent of JONI MITCHELL'S 'TURBULENT INDIGO' as she twist and flows into a hauntingly, captivating contralto voice, stirring memories of the late great NINA SIMONE. On her songs 'RUNAWAY' and 'SHE NEVER ASKS', Dorie weaves thought provoking stories on our social tapestry, giving voice to the silent cries of the many desolate, nameless, souls wandering through life while trying to maintain a little dignity on the cold streets of Anytown USA. MARVIN GAYE'S 'WHAT'S GOIN' ON' and STEVIE WONDER'S 'INNER VISION' come to mind when listening to her work on this sophomore effort. Dorie's rendition of BOB MARLEY'S 'SO MUCH TROUBLE IN THE WORLD' underscores the eternal struggle and plight of the collective soul, while two more original compositions 'SOME RAIN MUST FALL' and 'LOVE WILL FIND A WAY capture historic events forever frozen in time; 911 and Hurricane Katrina. But like two sides of a coin, she spins back around to happiness and joy in songs like, 'ALL I WANNA DO', ' SIMPLE THINGS' and her rendition of BEATLE, GEORGE HARRISON'S 'SOMETHING'. 'I have never covered another Artist music before because I always had my own stories to tell, but 'SOMETHING' spoke to my heart, beckoning me to convey GEORGE HARRISON'S story my own way. I am a huge BEATLE fan! In the same way I am also a big BOB MARLEY fan. My soul longed to express what MARLEY felt when he wrote 'SO MUCH TROUBLE IN THE WORLD'. His words spoke deep to my heart and I had to sing it b