Energy Commission : 10000 Hours

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Jay Weinberg has been writing songs for 11 years and songwriting is definitely his strength. Besides his uncanny ability to craft melodies that will instantly sear into your brain and a seemingly blatant disregard for the boundaries of genre - Weinberg's lyrical content, may well earn him a Pulitzer before a Grammy. 'He's become a bit of a national folk hero of sorts. He's a man who thoroughly believes in his causes and puts his guitar, where his mouth is.' said John Williams. Williams of Chicago's WGN 720 was commenting on Weinberg's act of civil disobediance that took place on May 5, 2008. At 4:51pm Weinberg took his socially charged song Price Gouge'n to the roof of an Indiana gas station with his guitar and a megaphone. Written in 2005, the song was a bit ahead of it's time, but as gas prices began to soar Weinberg knew it was time to do something with the song. Not wanting to take his conventional do-it-yourself route Weinberg sought the assistance of his very musically inclined friends of local rock group - Planetary to help give the old song a kick in the pants. Along with his songwriter wife and a couple other good friends The Energy Commission was given birth. 'I got this really weird call' Weinberg says. 'It was some operator delivering a message... 'This is Colonel Jacob Scott of The Energy Commission... We're shutting down your operation.' 'I wasn't sure if it was a prank or not. I mean, you hear these stories about the FBI tailing John Lennon and Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam) being deported. All the while I go from no press one day to Good morning America, The Chicago Tribune, NBC and ABC News, radio the world over the next. Overnight it was in newspapers from Russia to Mexico. It was so surreal, but I suggested hey - let's give em' the middle finger again and call the band The Energy Commission.' Price Gouge'n, which was mastered pro bono by Doug Sax, went on a 16 week radio promotion that earned it well over 11,000 spins and brought it as high as position 31 on the top 40 Main charts (STS) - position 4 on the top 40 top 30 indie chart (STS). Throughout the summer Weinberg continued with his message. His July 3rd court statement was read live on WGN and the following day Weinberg was warned off the premises in Grant Park by Chicago police for his exhibition of an Exxon flag over John Logan statue. With the bicycle donated by Trek, Weinberg rode some 675 miles - from Northwest Indiana to Washington, DC. 'This is my own campaign trail. I'd like people to think outside the ballot box. I think you'd be pretty hard pressed to find an artist who takes what he's saying as seriously as I do.' Weinberg considers his newest album, 10,000 HOURS to be his first solid recording. To Jay Weinberg, music should be as diverse as one's life experience. From a musician who sounds like Cat Stevens giving Mos Def a piggy back ride, you'll hear everything from the dirty business of fossil fuel to the innocence of children or depression that leads to drugs and suicide. Weinberg seeks to articulate the chaos of human experience and uses his gift to bring peace to his listeners. This guy gets it! Greg Batton of Greg and Dan show - 1470am WMDB Peoria,IL speaking to Jay during a live radio interview said, 'You are a new generation of protest singer-songwriter. The people of my generation LOVED the protests of Bob Dylan and Neil Young - they loved those songs - they made them into cultural icons... They look back FONDLY on those days - yet would sit here today and probably think you are off your wack. And from where I sit in the cheap seats - I'm glad that guys like you exist. You have a manner that is peaceful yet you're inspired by something and I would hope more of your aged folks get fired up about things like this.'

Price Gouge'n
Ode to Howard Beale (No Nations)
You're So Vain (Christian Dior)
Davy Jones' Locker (My Cousin Darwin)
The Bertrand Williams Song (Single Ply)
Ya Can't Always Get What Ya Want (Frozen)
The Damnage
Better Eyes
Mediaocracy (If It Bleeds)
Drug Away