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Human opens with the relaxed and mysterious composition 'Awakening'. With the next track 'Ballet' we enter a world of rhythm, synthetic fx and gorgeous melodies. Caught up by an air stream we are floating through a canyon to a valley hidden by snowy mountains where a primitive tribe has just begun it's ritual dance. It's as if one can almost touch mankind's past. An image of primeval nature and consciousness remaining somewhere deep inside, not touched by human civilization. Frank Van Bogaert's music feels as if it lays a bridge between the past and the future.It is always image evoking. 'Atmospheric Conditions'evokes images of beautiful places,cities with snow-white towers hidden in the mist. I confess that I have been looking forward to the release of this fourth Frank Van Bogaert album. My prime interest was to see in which direction his creative search would develop. With 'Human' he has surpassed all my expectations! Frank Van Bogaert has remained true to himself, his music is as great-sounding as always without losing his trademark,but on this album it has become a bit more improvised,not being restrained by a classic structure. In two compositions Frank did use guest-musicians playing acoustic instruments. Just listen to the fabulous saxophone in 'Meander' and the exotic viola Braguesa in 'Reunion'. Frank Van Bogaert's album is called 'Human' not by chance since this music is full of vital energy, tenderness ('Naked') and sublimity of feelings ('REve d'Afrique'). Frank has clearly the gift of putting all his emotions in his music. The album ends with the romantic and slightly cosmic 'Warmth'. 'Human' should appeal not only to electronic music lovers but also to a wide circle off new-age and modern instrumental music fans. I would call 'Human' an excellent work of 'new electronic music', an album that should be in the collection of every music-lover. 2002. Serge Kozlovsky Translated out of Russian by Tatyana L.Permyakova I didn't think it would be this soon that keyboardist Frank Van Bogaert would top his last album, Docking. But, damn, if Human doesn't just top it - it completely transcends it. Human is a fantastic CD, filled with a wide assortment of great songs, ranging from bouncy Berlin-esque EM, to dramatic Vangelis-like keyboard numbers, to softer romantic tracks and even some world fusion textured cuts. Only one song (of the twelve on the disc) is less than great (and that one is still good). The music is always accessible and imminently listenable - in fact, I positively loved this album from the very first playing. After a short (about two-minute) ambient/new age-sounding opening track played out on a bank of synths and twinkling keyboards (some with a Vangelis-like sound), Human hits the ground running on 'Ballet' which is nothing like what you would expect from it's title. A reverbed synth note gradually increases in volume and frequency, joined by some snappy electronic percussion. Synth strings come sweeping in accompanied by timpani, and then the lead keyboard line plays the main refrain. When the 'chorus' hits you, it's like an EM explosion - full of genuine grandeur and majestic power (you simply must crank this album up!). Nice vocal chants add some fun world music texture to the song (the vocals have a vague African feel to them). However, Human is just getting warmed up. The third track is 'Technologika' and it's even more fiery of a number, careening in from the background amidst peppery percussive textures, a blend of neo-Berlin and straight up new age keyboards, and lots of cool drum work. This cut is a rave-up delight and had me itching to move every time I played it. The spoken word sample ('Technologie' spoken with vocoder effects) makes the songs even cooler. There are some nice background vocals in parts of this song as well - but you'll barely notice them as anything but another instrumental layer. Besides these two excellent track, you'll also hear a dreamily somber yet powerful Vangelis-like (circa Blade Runner) number ('Atmospheric Conditions'); a mixture of atmospheric piano and ke

Atmospheric Conditions
Ouverture Des Enfants
RaŠVe D'afrique