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GEODESIUM (pronounced Gee-oh-dee-zee-um) A blending of the words 'geodesic dome' and 'planetarium' describing the environment which gave birth to the space music of Mark C. Petersen. Mark is unquestionably the most prolific composer for the medium, and the GEODESIUM name has become synonymous with planetarium music. Since 1978, more than 800 planetaria around the world have purchased Mark's original planetarium music for their shows, and GEODESIUM albums are popular items in planetarium gift shops. Mark uses Emulator and synthesizer sounds, blended in a rich, varied collection of original instrumental works. Relaxing yet provocative, GEODESIUM stylings embody 'traditional' space music -- that ethereal, beautifully floating music that characterizes the genre -- as well as 'new age'-style works and up-tempo, rhythmic sonic odysseys. In this 2001 release, Mark blends more than 26 compositions from the best of his planetarium soundtrack work over the past two decades. Avid Geodesium fans may recognize some familiar themes among the works comprising this thought-provoking retrospective album; four tracks revisit selections from 'Anasazi' and 'Fourth Universe', but this time in richer, more complex and satisfying detail. Both the up-tempo star flights as well as the floating journeys into deep space nebulosities that are the hallmarks of the Geodesium style are represented in this 62-minute, must-have disc! ============================================= REVIEWERS HAD THIS TO SAY: 'This is a monumental achievement in the annals of electronic music. Mark began performing in the pre-digital days so this set includes deep sequences, light sequences, cosmic atmospheres and gentle minimalism. And, while there are some dark passages and sinister riffs, this is not a dark album. It is, in general, a fairly happy set.' -- Jim Brenholts, author of 'Tracks Across the Universe: A Chronology of Ambient and Electronic Music' -------------------------------------- 'They say that beauty is in the details. If so, then 'Stellar Collections' is very beautiful indeed. Petersen shows a fine sense of detail in the way brings tonal elements and subtle effects in and out of the mix. And, unlike many others in the space-music genre, he shows a great gift for harmonic structure. He moves between chord structures and keys with finesse and precision, without ever interrupting the organic flow. His synth timbres and samples are spacious and delicate and his occasional emulation of acoustic instruments is hauntingly accurate -- most notably the cello line in one part of 'The MarsQuest Collection'. His romantic piano work in the opening track, 'Winter Sunrise', is also noteworthy.' -- Allen Welty-Green, for 'Ambient Visions' -------------------------------------- 'Stellar Collections' is yet another fantastic album from one of the best spacemusic artists around! Spacily melodic at times, ethereal and elegant at others, and always full of unique and characteristic keyboards and samples that long-time Geodesium fans will instantly recognize, 'Stellar Collections' marks the return of an artist who has been sorely missed by fans of this genre (assuming said fans have the good sense and taste to know and appreciate Mark's music).' 'While some (not all) fans of rhythm-less ambient music may find the more 'active' pieces here to be less accessible to their ears, it is precisely this creative and seamless blending of both floating spacers and midtempo cruisers that gives Mark's music it's special'something.' Very few artists can combine the elements that Mark does and make it all sound sooooo beautiful yet never sugary or melodramatic. This CD showcases his unique talents in composing and performing music that is ethereal, melodic, varied, and as majestic and dramatic as outer space itself.' 'As any long-time fan of Petersen knows, this fact comes as no surprise; after all, Mark is still the premier composer of soundtracks for planetarium presentations. And 'Stellar Collections', which gathers together his 'best' previously unreleased planetarium compositions from

Winter Sunrise
The Andromeda Collection
The Voyager Collection
The Distant Worlds Collection
Laser Bounce
The Marsquest Collection