Goodbye Girl Friday : Mr. And Mrs.

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Classic rock, Americana and jazz: all throwback phrases to innovative and defining genres of music and the generations that embraced them. Goodbye Girl Friday (GGF) unites that tradition with breezy pop-rock musings, carving out their own distinct music niche. Electric piano driven melodies coupled with intense, intelligent lyrics depict a pop-rock vision that recalls the past and merges it with the modern. Singer/songwriter/front-man David Sherman drives the creative vision of the group. Growing up with a DJ father during the golden age of late 50's jazz, GGF's sound reflects the ranging influences of Miles Davis and Charles Mingus to Joni Mitchell and Todd Rundgren. Sherman and bassist Dan Grennes met in Boston in 1994 while performing as the regionally renowned Edison With The Weather (EWTW). A year-long detour in Nashville brought their first release Pop Fictions as well as the attention and collaboration of many capable and respected session players. Still in it's incipient stages and beckoned by the diverse New York City music scene, the band relocated in 1996. Then newly reconfigured, EWTW spawned Off The Cuff with original members Sherman and Grennes accompanied by Shinya Miyamoto (drums), Ben Butler (guitar), and 3 background vocalists. Critical acclaim drew such reviews from the Northeast Performer as, 'This disc is fantastic! It's part fusion, part pop, part progressive rock, and a great listen.' Sherman and Grennes sought the help of old friend and drummer Andy Sanesi after becoming dissatisfied with the direction and tone of the music at that time. Sanesi understood the dynamics and nuances of the music better than any of the band's previous drummers. The trio together (still as EWTW) recorded The Big Bang Theory with producer and engineer Prince E. Strickland (Adam Yauch, The The, De La Soul). Shortly thereafter in 2002 Sherman, Grennes and Sanesi re-emerged as Goodbye Girl Friday. Their debut release, Mr. and Mrs., invites audiences to an animated, subconscious adventure featuring blues-edged tracks such as Big Red Bong sprinkled with urban-flavored ditties like Summer-Dusted Mind and A Throw Away. Mr. and Mrs. garnered extensive critical acclaim as well as substantial airplay on more than 100 radio stations nationwide in many different formats. Tracks from the album have been chosen for placement on respected compilations like Disc Makers, the Millennium New Music Conference, and New Future Records. The band also received invitations to perform in select showcases such as the Nashville New Music Conference, the Millennium Music Conference, and the music industry mecca, South By Southwest. Their anticipated follow-up, soon to be released in early 2004, features nine tracks best described as organized, structured diaries. Their signature jazz-classic sound threads itself with intimate prose discussing internal conflict that explores various aspects of the soul. Contact: Margo Drgos 646-431-0768 Peter Hay - Twin Vision (Radio Promotion) 718-768-3268 QUOTES 'No matter the misery conveyed by the lyrics, the analog keyboard sound and the swinging rhythm section wrap around your eardrums like a think blanket, making the harshest medicine go down like hot chocolate. Mixed metaphors aside, Goodbye Girl Friday makes pop music with heart.' Michael Toland, High Bias E-Zine 'Goodbye Girl Friday is so skilled at piano-driven pop that it's worth popping open a bottle of champagne to celebrate them.' Tony Peyser, Santa Monica Mirror 'Energetic, quaint, powerful, emotional, unrefined-they are a mixture of all of these things, giving them a dynamic sound that puts them so far removed from today's cookie-cutter pop and rock acts that it's not even funny. They're seriously on their own plane of existence.' C.E. Pelc, FM Sound 'Harkening to a world of sophistication long gone (but not forgotten), Goodbye Girl Friday raises the banner for style and erudition in the pop format.' 'Quality blends of jazz and rock reminiscent of Steely Dan. The group's tasteful finesse

Summer-Dusted Mind
Big Red Bong
A Throw Away
Mr. & Mrs
Peace Out
This Drama You Create
Mr. Rainy Days
Another Martini Please