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MOJO review: On this seventh excellent collection of off-center songs from the finest country rock band on the planet, the harmonies soar like the hawks as they pay homage and from this high vantage point on what they see down on the ground. The band live in the present, are schooled in the past, and are tentatively optimistic there'll be a future. While most of the songs deal in big issues metaphysical and socio-political, they also nail everyday truths as in Stop Driving Like An Asshole and We Could All Be In Laughlin Tonight -- the best road-weary song since John Fogerty's 'Lodi.' -- Michael Simmons UNCUT review: 'Mined from a rich and inexhaustible seam.' -- Nigel Williamson NO DEPRESSION review: 'After nearly 50 years as a music fan and 15 as a reviewer I still get excited about discovering new bands and having my breath taken away by songs and tunes that I've not heard before. Well; it only took 15 seconds of a divine pedal steel intro followed by an attention-grabbing gruff male voice to capture my attention and I went on to spend an enjoyable lunch hour listening to MYSTERY DRUG from start to finish. Since then I've played it as background music while reading the Sunday papers; at full volume as I drove a car on the motorway and also on headphones so I could pick up the nuances of the intricate lyrics. There is something here for everyone as I See Hawks in L.A. tick all of the boxes. A couple of yeas ago I couldn't put a disc into the player without a banjo booming out of the speakers and this year it's pedal-steel guitars and just as I was getting a bit tired of constantly hearing this beautiful instrument I See Hawks in L.A have rekindled my love by using it sparingly but effectively, throughout MYSTERY DRUG and it weaves throughout We Could All Be In Laughlin Tonight like a crying heart that that is wailing at the moon. The song itself is wonderful and will strike a chord with any and every musician that is struggling to make a living by playing their own songs in front of ever dwindling uninterested crowds across the world instead of (in this case) playing in a Skynard tribute band for 'a hundred a man/plus rooms at the Harrah's/and a one night stand.' But, like thousands of others they continue ploughing a lonely furrow for a handful of people who appreciate their 'art'. Personally; I salute them. The album has highs and lows of tempo and I can just as easily imagine the band playing a bar in the seedy side of town and equally, playing the same songs in an Arena in front of 10,000 adoring acolytes. What I See Hawks in L.A. give us is a well structured, and often beautiful take on the classic Alt-Country template that will live on long into the future.' -- Alan Harrison Welcome to I See Hawks In L.A.'s new and seventh CD, Mystery Drug, with stellar guest contributions from California's finest roots country musicians, breathes with a new life that will both refresh and challenge long time fans. Hawks listeners will be struck by the chances taken in this latest phase of the Hawks journey-mixing serious country cred (members have played with Dwight Yoakam, Emmylou Harris, John Denver, Hazel and Alice, and in every honky-tonk from Mississippi to Malibu) with wild lyricism and surreal story telling. Mystery Drug burrows deeper down the white rabbit hole. Layered with the electric swagger and sweetness of 1950's rock n roll, songs like If You Remind Me, Yesterday's Coffee, and even public service message Stop Driving Like an Asshole carry the innocent melodies of a different time. Indeed, the whole of Mystery Drug carries a lightness in sharp relief to the dark contemplations of last year's all acoustic New Kind of Lonely. Are the Hawks more optimistic these days? Maybe, or maybe they've let go of all the false expectations of genre, or for that matter, career. There's a freedom here. A weightlessness. Floating on soft beds of reverb and pedal steel, a gentle yet rowdy warmth surrounds the entire work, particularly in dreamlike The River Knows, the final song of the record and perhaps it's strongest and most hopefu

Oklahoma's Going Dry
Mystery Drug
Yesterday's Coffee
The Beauty of the Better States
We Could All Be in Laughlin Tonight
One Drop of Human Blood
Sky Island
If You Remind Me
Rock N Roll Cymbal From the Seventies
Tongues of the Flame
Stop Driving Like An Asshole
My Local Merchants
The River Knows
13 New Hawks Songs Recorded in the Modern Style