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The LONDON MIX tracks form a series of sketches, the heart of which I composed on laptop while I was there for four weeks The first track 'airplane' was written on a flight from San Francisco back to Seattle. On that flight I happened to meet DJ Mea and talk with her about working with Reason (the software tool that I use to compose my electronic music), she'd seen me with my headphones I gave her one of the original 100 'Invasion Warning' CDs, but realized that she probably wouldn't be able to spin any of them when she gamely suggested she'd listen through and see if she could work it into her set that night. I had coded in all of the drum beats I came across during my fiendish exploration of my new studio's powers, but used them as they appeared which made for some really unusual stuff. Experimental, that's what the OM called it Just too symphonic and not created to get them up and crazy and bouncing around. I wish I'd had this album on hand that night too! I decided that I would make a point to create some music that could get played in clubs, and resolved to visit some of the top clubs there for 'research' On my flight to London I created 'warbledisco' which I continued to revise during my time in the UK. I sheltered in a gracious flat in Fulham on Munster Road, and would spend my evenings eating Indian take-out and working on seven sketches over four weeks: o basichouse o downtime o loudphilistines o goodnight o junglerumble o warbledisco o trip 'basichouse' was really my first foray into pre-recorded percussion loops, which turned out to be a fun tool to work with. I'm not really trained as a percussionist, and so here I get some percussionists who've recorded the loops that basically just work in my opinion. That marked a change in my style, and since then I've played a lot with mixed genres of beats Other evenings I'd be out with my coworkers, or checking out the Ministry of Sound or Fabric... When I returned from London I (as usual) chose to continue creating new sketches instead of going back to develop those I'd done in London; that next sketch ('tickticktock') serves as the summary from home of what had been an cool adventure in the UK, thanks mates ____ Interkosmos is Seattle-based artist Christopher Ferris. He's released three electronica albums since January 2005 - 'Invasion Warning,' a deep space film score, mastered by Chris Ballew of the Presidents of the United States of America; 'London Mix,' Euro-house electronica; and most recently 'Proximity' which collects progessive house, drum and bass, and downtempo beats. A prolific and sophisticated composer, he is also an accomplished performer remarkable especially for his extraordinary improvisation. His compositions reflect his many years of classical training, whether in solo piano performance or deep in his electronic music sets. DISCOGRAPHY Proximity, INTERKOSMOS (electronic) March 2006 London Mix, INTERKOSMOS (electronic) February 2006 A Chime in the Woods 2005 (live solo piano) January 2006 A Chime in the Woods 2004 (live solo piano) November 2005 Invasion Warning, INTERKOSMOS (electronic) January 2005 Bonjour Tristesse (solo piano) October 1997 PERFORMANCE SYSTEM Alienware m7700a laptop with E-MU 1616 I/O Reason 3.0 audio authoring software Behringer BCF2000 faders Sennheiser EW-152-G2 wireless headset mic Roland AX-7 performance keyboard Fatar VMK88 88 key controller JUNO 106 synthesizer SOUNDS LIKE Propellerheads Debussy Jean-Michel Jarre Claude Bolling Scott Joplin Hybrid Paul Oakenfold Chick Corea Miles Davis Kraftwerk Switchblade Symphony Pat Metheny Chopin Philip Glass Crystal Method Laurie Anderson.