Jamin : Holding It Down

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 Notes & Reviews
Album Release Info We appreciate your time, consideration, and support in launching this album. If you are looking for good music that you can ride and vibe to, you don't want to sleep on this. Already, we are receiving good responses regarding 'Holding It Down' in the streets and other venues. That is why this CD is a must have for your personal collection. It consists of heavy-hitting lyrical content and some of the illest beat-production you will ever hear. *Jamin is known for his unique rhyme delivery and 'Holding It Down' sets the stage for showcasing the style that has people considering this to be one of the best independent albums to hit the market, proving that *Jamin really holds his own on the mic...I mean, really spittin' that heat. It's backed up by some of the tightest beat-production in the game and some very talented up and coming producers. (Look out for these guys). Their versatile tracks make for good listening for your enjoyment. The album also features some other great artist including the'songstress', 'T-Byrd'. Her vocals on the chorus make for a killer single on any track and makes 'No Turns Given' a classic song. Other artists include, 'Ra-Ra' and 'Mr. Allgood' both bringing new dimensions to songs already considered hits. 'Holding It Down' is guaranteed to get you lifted. Label Info Allgood Record Company is an independent label based in Memphis, Tennessee, a city with a rich musical legacy including gospel, blues, and rock-n-roll as well as a growing segment of hip-hop and rap artists and fans. The economic culture in Memphis has also created an atmosphere of innovation and enterprise. Many individuals have made their livings as entrepreneurs dedicated to providing their service to citizens, which is what our position in the music industry has given us. We continue to walk the path beaten by others that paved the way that we might see our dreams come true. Allgood record co. welcomes the challenge of living up to a Memphis tradition of creating good popular music and 'Holding It Down' is nothing short of that. At Allgood record co., we believe in giving a genuine effort in everything we take on, whether in the studio or the field and we strive to make music that is consistent with our rhetoric. (There won't be any'some-timing' on our part). The effort and consideration that went into creating the latest project, is an example of one artist's determination to excel in the industry rather than settle for less. Although we have yet to exercise maximum capacity in our potential, we believe that 'Holding It Down' is a good representation of the type of music production we want to be known for, which is something you can feel and relate to. In our music we attempt to capture the mind, body, and soul on wax. When you listen to 'Holding It Down' play it over and over again so that you can understand what it is we are trying to get across. We want to make the kind of the music that has and impression on the listener even after the music stops. The message behind the music is clear. When you walk with us expect it to be reality, expect a reality check. 'Holding It Down' represents one young man's journey (*Jamin) in life and the decisions that we all have to make that makes life a real adventure. Each beat is a different road that has to be traveled; each song is a choice that has to be made. Inside, *Jamin's vivid imagery magnifies each situation making it appear closer to the listener thus 'Holding It Down' becomes more than an album or collection of songs; it's the making of an action-packed movie and soundtrack in one. Nobody can tell it like *Jamin though. As for a review; as a music lover I'm excited, as a critic I'm impressed! Why would you like the album 'Holding It Down'? I'm glad you asked. The album is fresh and blazin' hot. It's like a gift to the music industry. It's approach is rare yet *Jamin gets the job done with no complaints. He's a warrior and definitely 'holding it down'. His songs are a mixture of party and militant-minded as well as conscience; 'talk about a ride! 'Holding It Down

Intro (N' Traffic)
No Turns Given
We So Cool
That's What's Up
I'm Tha Man
That's All I Know
I Wanna Know
Stay Strong