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About the 'LTP Learning to play' music album (EP). The album consists of 9 tracks with a total duration of almost 57 minutes. A rather dark album but with some glades that assert on existential, social, and ecological issues. All tracks except the homonymus to the album, are purely instrumental based on electronic sounds with some mixtures of rather classical instruments like pianos, violins, and orchestral elements. It is difficult to tag this project on a certain gender, as much versatility occurs on styles and influences. In most of the tracks, elements of rock dominate but under a rather personal filtering applying to what could be considered as electro-rock or progressive instrumental rock. Meanwhile two or three tracks are closer to the styles of electronic music, reminding sounds from Vangelis, Jean Michele Jarre and Tangerine Dream. Ultimately the one and only track with lyrics (Learning to Play) might bring up some influences from Enya and the 90s ambient scene. About the making of 'LTP Learning to play' While all the tracks were produced on a computer based home studio using VST instruments, the project faced some sound quality issues. Meeting Kostas Mouroulis, a musician, sound engineer and co producer of the album, there was a discussion about rearrangement of the music and which conserned the replacement of some virtual instruments (VST) with natural ones. However, it was finally decided to go on as it was, without even the slightest adjustments, in order to preserve the roughness and the amateur-like feeling of the music. Lola Yannopoulou, a Greek uprising talented musician and singer of the music band 'Pallyria', joined the project participating with her vocal performance in the only song of the project 'Learning to play' (track 9) which is also the homonymus to the album track. Both Kostas and Lola and at some time later on Paul Stefanides, who did the final mastering and engineering of the album, Nikos Theodorides who assisted with his management skills, Bill Pappas who participated as an associate recording studio engineer and Georg Eyangelogiorgos who made all the album artwork, all contributed to the realization of this project with warmth and devotion, giving Jjacob a final result beyond his expectations and the opportunity for him to be here today and share his work. He states in the CD album booklet: 'I am truly honored and grateful, that you are holding my first music CD in your hands. When I first started experimenting with music in 2008, I couldn't imagine that it would eventually lead me here. Not knowing too much about music, my intention back then was to create sounds and melodies that I enjoyed, and maybe share them with friends. Not too much has changed since then...and despite the fact that I managed to complete the production of my first CD, I still do not consider myself to be a professional musician. The truth is that I just keep sharing more music with even more friends.' Album insight (by Jjacob) The name of the project, LTP (learning to play), was originally based on the simple idea that I wanted to learn how to play music. With the completion of each track, it seemed more and more apparent that this creative process was being driven by certain personal worries that were gradually emerging... Eventually, LTP turned out to be learning to play with nature, the simple elements that have contributed to my life, and the new sense of values that are emerging out of a child's play. A child forgotten due to unfortunate choices, the distorted mindset of everyday life, an unfulfilling emotional neurosis, and the corrosion of personality caused by mindless consumerism. So, the journey to this realization starts with the first track 'Traveler I-the journey begins', and the circle closes with the last track 'Learning to play' (the only track with lyrics). Throughout his experience the traveler confronts himself, challenges existential issues, or makes social and ecological assertions. Beyond any philosophical arguments, the metaphysical aspects of nature itself are emerging. Transcending any mate

Traveler I - the Journey Begins
Time Noise
One More Season
Traveler II - Midnight Traveler (Meeting Veiron)
Learning to Play