John Ryder : Relax To The Max

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 Notes & Reviews
Relax to the Max: Turn it on, lean back and really relax... Let my soothing voice smooth out the wrinkles... It's POETIC that helps turn-off your thinking and follow the suggestions more easily speaking to both sides of your brain... It's MUSIC was specially arranged to complement the poetry with orchestral melodies to help your body release any tension... It is VERSATILE you can program it in a variety of ways, use a 3 minute quickie, the 20 minute Relax to the Max, or any length you like... (Every track can be looped or mixed with any other track very smoothly.) Track 11 has beautiful ambient music that allows you to meditate... The Rush to Relax is a condensed 7 minute version for a fast relaxing refresher - Track 1 The last track helps you fall asleep if you wish to do that too... This is an effective and powerful program that teaches your body how to relax very deeply while you learn to let-go and unwind your mind... This was recorded in a professional studio with great care to the the quality of the recording. There is also a 12 page color booklet that explains everything in detail. John Ryder, Ph.D. is a prominent psychologist in private practice in Manhattan where he specializes stress management and achievement coaching. He is a certified expert in hypnosis and has over 27 years of experience. He has published his research, lectured around the country and served as an assistant professor at a New York medical school. Now he brings his wealth of knowledge for you to enjoy and employ! For more information visit his website: I have helped thousands of people learn to relax and let go now it's your turn. Testimonials: 'I love your CD... it's the best!' Jo Campana, Hair Stylist 'This is the most versatile and well thought out relaxation program I've heard.' Allen Ajaya, Ph.D. Author of 'Psychology East and West' and 'Yoga Psychology'. 'Dr. Ryder has designed this captivating tool for wide audience to help listeners not only beat stress but also achieve ultimate goals. You will be serenaded by wonderful full strings background music while being led into deeply relaxed states through the use of cleverly programmed rhyming instructions that speak directly to the right brain. This delightfully refreshing approach to self-improvement offers a different kind of prescription - The AUDIO PILL.' Editor, NAPRA Review 'It is brilliant, who needs prozac, this is a million times better.' Jane LeGrande, Actress, Director, NYC 'The first time I took a journey, I remembered this incredible experience when I was in the Caribbean listening to a sea shell... it was like I was really there. It was amazing.' Phyllis Joy Steinberg, Personal Trainer, NYC 'Dr. Ryder's new CD is a welcome member of both my music library and my many recuperative and restorative tools. After a long day's work I 'relax to the max' along with creative music and inspiring messages on this CD. Of particular appeal is use of linguistically rhythmic messages, which both soothe and delight the listener.' Carol Savvas, Ph.D. Fulbright Research Scholar, NYC 'I love your CD! It's filled with love and joy, and it's an entirely innovative approach to relaxation. The music is beautiful, your voice is great and I love the poetry.' Marilyn Gordon, Cht. Center for Hypnotherapy - Oakland, CA 'Relax to the Max synthesizes my dreams with my daily actions and helps me achieve my goals.' Holly Getty - Senior Fabric Researcher - New York, NY 'You really know your craft well. With your CD I can finally fall a sleep.' Mariola Markiewicz, House wife, Queens, NY 'When I use Dr. Ryder's Relax to the Max, I love having the ability to personalize the program each time. I can use the guided meditations, meditate to the peaceful music or use a combination of both. This CD enables me to center myself and quiet my mind enough to allow all my creative energies to flow freely.' Wendy S. Weiss, Artist, New York City 'As a full-time student and full-time office manager, I have an extremely busy and demanding schedule. It is vital that I meditate to re-energize. By incorporating '

Rush to Relax
Taking Control: the Beginning Intro
Relax Fast: Quick Way to Start Relaxing
Release & Recharge: Recuperation
Healing Garden: Mind-Body Integration
Inspiring Beach: Self Actualization
Revitalizing Return: Waking Potentials
Musical Interlude: Create Your Space
Explore Your Mind: An Inner Journey
Exploring Journey: Visualization
Meditative Music: Inner Reflection
Sleep: Ending Here Helps You Sleep!