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Kelly Carvin is an artist that has weathered the learning curve and has come through the other side to shine brighter than ever on her latest self-titled offering, Kelly Carvin And The Future. Lively and full of traditional class, Kelly steps away from the pack and hits this one out of the proverbial park. Only the musicians match the material that she has picked to wow her fans here. I love that her band isn't comprised from the same local musicians that everyone seems to be relying on in the scene nowadays. Because to me, that trend of using the same 10 guys in 10 different bands isn't fooling anyone and is actually watering down everyone's individual brand. The Future is different. Mario Dibartolo tosses out blazing chicken pickin' on opener 'Heart Strings,' a song that throws down Nashville strong and utilizes lightening quick runs that would make Brad Paisley sit up and take notice. Carvin steps into the country-tinged limelight with the seasoned moxy of Shania Twain and it works really well for her. Fluid and perfectly pitched, Carvin's powerhouse vocals demand, and get the attention they call for. Songs like 'Kills Me' take the ballad formula and spin it on it's ear. Upbeat and full of sweet harmonies, 'Kills Me' winds through interesting passages, never sounds boring, and gets the toe tapping from start to finish. The bridge digs in deep, enhancing the chorus and putting this song into the'strong contender for a hit' category. 'Pain' utilizes Carvin's smart sense of background harmony, never going over the edge and using just enough emotive layering to strike a sense of relative understanding in the listener. The bass work of Andrew Kosek lays way back, catching the breezy backbeat of drummer Johnny D'Angelo and buffeting Carvin's thematic attack like a rhythm section that's been together for 20 years. 'Time For Goodbye' sees the band slipping into mainstream rock territory as vocals plead and guitars rise into crunching crescendos of tube-driven power rhythms and dirty, blues-rock leads. Once again Dibartolo's talent at switching styles proves that he has the goods as he and Carvin blast dual guitar chores all over this rough and tumble gem. Kelly doesn't fall back on time-tested vocal tricks here either, soaring way above the band with the smooth power and precise understanding of dynamics that should snag her a vocalist of the year award for sure. If you love rock and roll, this is the top song on the disc. 'So Alive' shows Kelly doing what she started out doing in the first years of her career, namely playing solo acoustic. There are some songwriters that never graduate to playing with a band but Carvin is one of the fortunate few that can swing it ether way and still get her passionate point across. Storytelling panache mixes imagery with the fingerpicking nuances of clean acoustic guitars. 'Don't Lie To Me' swings with a Chris Issak-meets-Alannah Myles vibe as the band hits rock and roll hard on choruses and bridges. The middle-eight kicks into a full on progressive rock odyssey that drops the listener into the middle of Woodstock before musical teleportation brings them back into the seamless chorus. Passionate and full of lethal playing, 'Don't Lie To Me' lays waste to all the current crop of blues momma's and rock and roll queens on the scene. 'Fire' is a completely live track tagged on the end of the disc. Leveled out and matching the volume levels of the other tracks, 'Fire' burns across it's 4:10 time frame without incident. Kelly may have stuck this track on to show that this band can reproduce what they do quite well in a live setting and it's a smart decision. As with a lot of live stuff, it was a bit thin but nonetheless, it comes across fairly well. If you're a rock and roll fan looking for a bit of country twang, give Kelly Carvin And The Future a shot. This is a great band with something constructive to offer, and you won't be disappointed. For more info, head over to

Heart Strings
Kills Me
Time for Goodbye
So Alive
Don't Lie to Me
Fire (Live)