Kori Linae Carothers : Road Less Traveled

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Kori's saga of her musical quest to share her soul stemmed from her childhood. Ever since Kori can remember, music has always painted imagery in her mind. She was always listening to something on the record player in her home in Minnesota and Texas. Her favorites were Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass Band as well as many of her classical favorites. ' I remember when I was little, and sitting next to the record player putting my head down to the speakers to hear everything going on', says Kori. ' I was amazed at the varied instrumentation that brought the songs I loved so much together'. Kori also had a tape player with headphones ' I would fall asleep listening to John William's 'Star Wars Soundtrack'. She heard the Beatles on the radio and began to plunk out tunes on the piano and as she figured out the songs without any musical knowlege, she knew that she wanted to play the piano right then. She took piano lessons, listened to many varied artists and at age 14 began to compose music. Her parents did not know what to do with her talents. At 16, Kori found a small recording studio in Texas and recorded two songs. ' I loved doing that so much, I just knew this was something I had and wanted to do!' says Kori regarding her experience. At 18, Kori moved to Idaho to go to college and was classically trained. Eventually she had to return back to Texas. She worked and continued to compose her music. She ended up moving to San Diego, California. Kori met her husband and they married in 1991. She gave up her dreams of becoming a performer in order to raise a family, but took piano lessons through the Associated Board Of The Royal Schools of Music. 'My teacher, Mrs. Jensen told me I was concert pianist material and told me that I could achieve my dream!' With that knowledge she continued to work on her technique and theory skills. In 2003, Kori was encouraged by her husband to continue to compose and actually release her music through the internet. 'I remember when my husband took me to see Yanni, he asked me if I was interested in returning to my music. I laughed and asked him if this was a trick question! He told me that I should get a keyboard. I told him that if I do get a keyboard it was NOT going to be a little tiny keyboard, I was going for the full-sized Korg.' Kori's old musical flame re-surfaced and she released her first album in 2004,'The Road Less Traveled.' In 2005, she released her second recording 'The Journey'. A blend of synthesized and organic instrumentation. Bill Binkleman of Wind and Wire comments: 'On her second album, pianist/keyboardist Kori Linae Carothers paints on a more dramatic canvas than on her debut CD, layering synths (mostly strings, chorals and washes) underneath her passionate piano melodies.' Kori hears music in her head all the time. She composes her music when she feels like expressing herself. 'Many people ask me all the time if I plan and write out my compositions' says Kori. 'But I don't do that. Technically, I am not great at notation. When I feel like I need to say something musically, I sit down and work out a melody and record everything I do.' Kori is working on her third album, 'Trillium', slated for release later on in 2008. 'I plan on releasing each song digitally, so that the fans of my music will get excited about the whole project, once I do that, I will release the recording as a physical CD. I really like doing my own thing. I don't like to listen to people telling me HOW I should sound like so and so. I just compose what I want my music to be like and that's what is inside of me dying to get out!

A Fathers Dream
Spanish Dance
Summer Wish
Asian Wind
Altered Mind
The Day
The Road Less Traveled
There I Go