Marsha Heydt And The Project Of Love : Diggin The Day

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On this new recording, Marsha Heydt explores all possibilities, full of fantasy, inventiveness, passion and love. Her connected musical expressions can't miss here, and her sound empathy avoids any classifications. The music is created, listened to and speaks in real time and nothing is taken for granted no already heard. From my vantage point as a saxophonist and educator, I am fortunate to see many up and coming talents as soon as they start to get noticed. But in this gifted player's life, (I've known Marsha since she emerged on the scene back in the Pennsylvania daze) she always had a very important agenda as a player. It is a very rare occasion when a truly dedicated player and writer emerges from the crowd where you can hear the commitment and serious agenda from note one. Music these days needs much more of this, and here is the woman to do it. Do it she does- just listen! The very first time I met Marsha, I know she was her own person. She made an appointment to see me and presented a demo recording of her arrangement of the standard tune 'Laura' with strings. One listen sold me. To this day, I couldn't imagine where she had gotten all these ideas. I never for that. I don't think I have ever met a person who has more exuberance and joy in their music and personality. Her music is always so new and fresh. I am really pleased that Marsha has recorded a CD with a powerful concept that will appeal to all. She has produced a fascinating fusion of traditions that not only are great listening but have a personal approach that is very special. Every piece is captivating; and when I listen to the whole recording I quickly get lost in the music and it's like time stops. Marsha is truly a gift to this art form, and a player I feel very fortunate to have gotten to know. Tim Price Each day has so many blessings, that is why I came up with the song and title of the CD 'Diggin the Day'. The pieces in this compilation of original music are an expression of life experiences in living as an artist/ educator in NYC. 1. Twistin Baby: 3:29 This minor blues is a throw back to the 70's, cool soul jazz feel. 2. Diggin the Day: 5:12 I was inspired to write this breezy flute song one summer day while walking along the NYC harbor watching the boats and birds. 3. Fredi's Cha Cha: 4:08 This song is named after my new children's book, 'Fredi and Her Lily Pad Band.' 4. Blue Ashram: 5:48 I wrote this song hanging at my sister Becky's beautiful house in Pennsylvania. I was inspired by the blue sky, green, green grass and birds singing in the trees. 5. Spirit: 4:40 I loved the involvement of the percussion with the melody. 6. Bliss: 4:13 Carla Cook brings life to the vocal. 7. Shine: 4:49 I feel so happy playing this song. Sheryl Bailey just makes the tune groove!! 8. Baby Blue: 4:25 Norman Pors came up with a great introduction to the song. It reminded me of the form of the song Bolivia by Cedar Walton. 9. Fields of Love: 4:58 I wrote this song one weekend while my mother was visiting me in NYC. Looking out at the harbor, the waves reminded me of the cornfields of PA. 10. Gold: 4:36 One summer afternoon, the golden rays from the sun reflecting off of the city buildings inspired me to write this tune. 11. Tootin: 3:48 When I first moved to the city 20 years ago, all I heard was car horns and garbage trucks. Now I live in an area there I hear birds and boats.Toot toot......I am blessed. 12. Groovin': 5:03 The relaxed feel of this tune is my tribute to the Crusaders and Grover Washington. 13. The Bull: 3:44 Daniel Sadownick leads the band with the percussion following the layering of the instruments. This has a great vibe for the Soprano sax. 14. Shram Splat: 4:17 My mother wanted me to write a theme song so I came up with this blues 'Shram Splat'. Musicians: Alto Saxophone: Marsha Heydt (1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9,10, 12, 14) Soprano Saxophone: Marsha Heydt (4, 13) Flute: Marsha Heydt (2, 8, 11) Piano/ Keyboard: Norman Pors Trumpet / Flugelhorn: James Zollar (1, 3, 5, 8, 10, 12, 14) Guitar: Sheryl Bailey (1, 4, 7, 12) Upright and Electric Bass: Carlo De Ros

Twistin' Baby
Diggin' the Day
Fredi's Cha Cha
Blue Ashram
Baby Blue
Fields of Love
The Bull
Shram Splat