Michael Krebs And Band : Don't Dream Your Life

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'Don't dream your life' the lyrics: there are times - there are times in your life / you can't cope any further / with your belief / if you feel down - and all those troubles all around / your sorrows feeling like a chain / won't let you move / well I know / you don't have to find yourself / yes I know / you don't have to find your dreams / life is not bad as it seems / for all the clouds / on your personal life's horizon / don't leave your way of living / all behind / after the rain / the sun is breaking through again / so come on keep on riding / 'til the end / but I know... / don't dream your life / live your dreams / and live your life with passion / for everyone to see / don't dream your life... / in all times - in all times of your life / you still are making progress / that's the truth / after the rain / the sun is breaking through again / so come on keep on riding / 'til the end / yes I know... / don't dream your life... / think about the nature - feel the grass still growing / see the flowers and their colours / and see the bright sun / think about friends / and all the good things in your life / leave your yesterdays behind / you can't turn back time / don't dream your life... The story behind 'Don't dream your life': In autumn 2004 on a creative evening, I have written the basic lyrics of the song, which was not such a major job, as these are just reflecting my way of living. Although I am enthusiastic about music throughout my life, I am neither a composer nor singer, hence I was looking for a musician to fit perfect into this production. On another evening, just easy listening to the local radio, I had a sudden wake-up when I heard the first times songs like 'Restless' & 'Utopia'. It was a special report about Michael and his previous band WEED. I found myself and my life reflected in the lyrics of 'Restless' and I contacted Michael already next day. We met on one of the following days and discovered a very similar taste in good old classic rock music and Michael was immediately thrilled by the lyrics of 'Don't dream your life'. Originally the song was just planned to be recorded for the promotion of my company and we wanted to realize it already in the beginning of 2005. However, for various reasons we had to postpone the project again and again. To cut a long story short, this is the result of it and we hope you enjoy listening. About Michael Krebs: Michael Krebs - born on a cloudy morning in Duisburg/Germany on 24th September 1967 He is music listener since day 1, active musician since the age of 12, starting with bass, then guitar, then preferred drums, back to guitar, then vocals & guitar, finally and most important for him is that he can play what he likes to play, better than to be able to read music. He played in various bands and his music is best described as retro rock without brand new or big surprises. The history of music doesn't need to be rewritten because of him. His unique voice makes him special and addictive. Michael doesn't like to cover, hence he is making his own music. Own songs have the advantage that mistakes are not obvious unless the song is popular. The ambition of his music is the healing effect on depressed listeners and himself. Therapeutic composed songs available over the counter at the distributor of your choice. For risks and spillovers read the booklet or consult your doctor or the copyright owner. Highlights of his live acts: Michael has performed impressive on live stages with opening bands to Fury in the Slaughterhouse (2002 - Open Air Xanten), Georgia Satellites (2003 - Duisburg & 2004 - Essen) and Roger Chapman (2004 - Dinslaken). About the Band: This formation did never play together before and the members were just selected during the production of the new songs. Vocals, Music & Lyrics: Michael Krebs Lyrics: Thomas Karsten (Don't dream your life) Guitar: Marc MOhle Bass: Carsten John Drums: Christian NUhlen Keyboards: Mike Radolini Saxophone: Bruno Erwin About the album & artwork: During the album recording in Germany in the first half of 2008 the artwork of the al

Don't Dream Your Life
Don't Dream Your Life -Acoustic-