Michele Mclaughlin : Dedication (Cdrp)

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Michele McLaughlin is a New Age Pianist & Composer. Her solo piano music is haunting and contagious, relaxing and beautiful, peaceful and touching. Her music is enjoyed worldwide and can be heard on several online radio stations, including the #1 internet broadcast: Whisperings Solo Piano Radio. In addition, she can also be heard on Music Choice Soundscapes, the digital music station via local digital cable and satellite providers as well as several local, national and international radio stations. Enjoy! For more information on Michele McLaughlin and her music, please visit http://www.michelemclaughlin.com ALBUM: Ever since I started producing albums and sharing my music with the world, I have dreamed of being able to make music my career, my full time job, and really be a professional musician. Earlier this year I was able to make that dream come true and in April 2007 I quit my 8am-5pm 'day job' in order to dedicate myself to my music. As an added bonus, I have the opportunity to spend more time with my family and in particular, my son Brandon, who is now at the precious age of 10. I have always been a working mother and in being so, have never really had the opportunity to be there for him on a full time basis. Making the decision to dedicate myself to my music has also allowed me the opportunity to dedicate myself to being the very best mother I can be. In addition, all of the songs on this album are dedicated to people, places and ideas that I hold dear. I am very pleased to share with you my ninth album, Dedication. Enjoy! SONGS: When You Were Still Around - In December 2005 my grandfather, Papa, passed away. His passing was the first real loss of a close family member I had experienced. Shortly afterward, in May 2006, my biological mother passed away. Her death was unexpected and was a very significant and painful loss for me. It was then that I decided to write a song in memory of my mom and grandfather and spent some time working on a composition which would tell the story about the loss of a loved one and the effects that loss has on our soul. Then, in March 2007, my grandmother, Nana, passed away and when I was asked to play a song at her funeral, I decided to finish this song and dedicate it to all three of my lost family members. This song tells the story of loss, love and the memories we cherish when the people we hold dear are no longer around. La Mia Famiglia Bella - La Mia Famiglia Bella is Italian for My Beautiful Family. I wanted to write a song that tells the story about my family and how important they are to me. Not only do I have an amazing family that I am very close with, I recently married my true love and started another family of my own which has been a wonderful addition to my life. I find the Italian language to be one of the most beautiful languages in the world and I wanted to title my song about my beautiful family in a beautiful language. Drifting Through Antiquity - My husband and I spent our honeymoon traveling around Italy & Greece. While we were there I fell in love with the ancient architecture, the cathedrals, castles, basicillas, duomos, churches, ancient ruins and just the general beauty of such an amazing, ancient world. This song is about our travels and the beauty we found along the way. The Music Box Angel - When I was a little girl, my godmother would give me a new music box every year. These music boxes were elaborate and intricate, from Germany and Switzerland, with beautiful songs and I loved them. I would listen to them all the time and had them arranged neatly all throughout my room when I was growing up. Music boxes have always held a special place in my hear because of this and I think that a lot of my music has a sound that is influenced by my love of music boxes. Several of my songs from previous albums incorporate that distinct music box feel into them (Russian Music Box, Moonrise, The Lonely Ballerina, Tommy's New Toy, etc.). As I was writing this song, it reminded me of my godmother and the music boxes she used to give me, so I have dedicated this song to her, m

When You Were Still Around
Mia Famiglia Bella
Drifting Through Antiquity
Music Box Angel
Just You & Me
Eternal City
Brandon's Song
Learning to Fly
My Little Darcy Lou
Palamidi Fortress
Sad & Sorrowful Goodbye
Dream Come True