Robert Caleb Potter : Retro Expose' (Cdr)

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'I like power chords, harmonies and easy to understand lyric in my songs but it all starts with a one line catchy hook, something that stays in my head until I write it. Then comes the fun of seeing how it all comes together during the recording process.' Artist: Robert Caleb Potter Album: Retro Expose Review by Matthew Warnock Singer-songwriter and instrumentalist Robert Caleb Potter is a musician who grew up in that classic-rock era and who has maintained those influences in his latest release, his first self-produced solo project Retro Expose'. The album is full of well-written and performed classic-rock influenced tracks that have the timeless quality to them that allows them to be just as relevant today as if they were released in the '60s or '70s. Songs such as 'Dreamrider' have a CCR style groove to them, with vocal lines that will bring to mind early to mid-60s Beatles records, a solid combination to be sure. Other tracks, such as 'Loveshine' features a guitar riff that reminds one of the simple, yet highly memorable, licks of Rolling Stones picker Keith Richards. The guitar line helps to solidify the groove, which again while simple is strong and firmly in the pocket. There is just enough blues influence and country twang in the guitar tone to also bring to mind guitar-slingers such as Steve Earl or Mark Knopfler, two of the genre's greatest players and song-writers. Alongside the more rockin' tracks, Potter also showcases his softer side on tracks such as 'The Bottom Line,' a rock-ballad that features a memorable vocal line and lyrics. Writing and recording a strong ballad is something that all of the classic rockers could do as well as they could write a barn-burner but this skill seems to have been forgotten by many of today's newer rock bands. By writing in this slower, more melodic style Potter is allowing his audience a glimpse into his experience as a songwriter as well as the deep level of his musicianship and creativity. It also helps to add diversity to the tracklist, preventing the album from becoming monotonous or predictable. 'Heart Like a Rock' also has a Fleetwood Mac-Dire Straits type groove and progression that reflects the many influences in Potter's writing and performing. The many different classic-rock influences that permeate Potter's writing and playing allow his music to appeal to a wide range of rock fans, old and new alike. Sure, Potter might have pushed the envelope with his writing a bit more to distance himself from his influences, but would that record have been as successful as this one, probably not. Overall, Retro Expose' is a solid, classic-rock influenced release by the talented Potter. Is it going to reinvent the wheel? No. But, is it a welcomed addition to the classic rock catalogue, absolutely. With well-written tunes, solid groove, simple yet catchy guitar riffs and interesting lyrics, this album has everything it takes to make a good classic rock record. Reviewed by Matthew Warnock Rating: 3.5 stars (out of 5)

Only Time Will Tell
In the Name of Love
The Bottom Line
Cover Me
I'm in the Mood
One More Step
Heart Like a Rock
Put Your Best Dress On