Serge Blenner : Virtualis

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With 20 pages booklet incl. Lyrics and drawings 'A great new album for this French artist, who wants to show in music an entire series of sensations derived from the Latin word 'virtus', not in an ethical sense but rather in an existential and creative sense. From that, here are 12 very good tracks in flight over classical sounds, running with electronic and to meld with the drops of rare voices... The listener is captivated by the melody so sweet and strong while at the same time offering tender parts and others more rhythmical. Wonderful 'Splendeur', fabulous ouverture to hear all the music developed for about an hour. The sound of the cello is very good, often important to build the track. Again, Blenner has composed a rainbow of colours in music, and we can't help being caressed by it's notes'. 'The French musician Serge Blenner, who has been living in Germany for many years now, has a unique place in the world of electronic music. His music is totally different from what we hear normally in this musical style. In the fifteen records he made in about twenty years he developed himself into a composer of extremely original music and sounds. This has lead to excellent records as 'Equateur' from 1988, 'Cosmos' from 1990, 'Symbolique' from 1993 and 'Ars Oratoria' from 1999. Blenner's music is being created from all kinds of samples from western and non-western instruments and sounds. It can be heard clearly that he is not somebody who just sits behind his equipment and just knocks of music from his sleeves. All compositions are well considered and build up with care and conduct. The twelve pieces on 'Virtualis' are very different in atmosphere and construction: orchestral bombast, spherical pianomelodies, native sounds and French texts, which are sung or told with a warm voice. 'Splendeur' with it's wonderful stringsounds, a women's voice and a calm rhythm can easily be used as filmmusic Harps and cello's introduce 'LumiEre' in which Blenner speaks a text. 'Oriental' is a strong case of Arabric orchestral music. Blenner's samples are really great. This can also be heard very well in the dark and menacing 'Elan Vital' in which the acoustic guitarsound is brilliant. The last three pieces on the CD, 'Erato', 'Les Muses' and 'Vivace', bring him closer to his earlier, more rhythmic, albums but bit a bit of a loungefeeling to it. Though 'Equateur' and 'Cosmos' are still my personal favourites, with 'Virtualis' Blenner proves still to be one of a kind in the world of electronic music. His fellow Frenchman Jean Michel Jarre can take the shine out of him'. ? 2002 Paul Rijkens.

Anima E Vita
Elan Vital
Les Muses