Seth Davis : Without Annette

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'...the singer-songwriter-guitarist always delivers on the emotion...The lucky 13 songs on 'Without Annette' bring together touches of Americana with a taste of U.K. mope rock ('Ruby Aiyo' recalls Karl Wallinger's World Party). The guy cooks!' Kevin Amorim New York Newsday, Friday, January 11 2002 'Seth Davis is a passionate creative force and a passionate performer...his music screams passion even in the quietest of interludes...' John Blenn Long Island Entertainment 10/2000 'Earthy and rasping while remaining personable and somehow sweet, Seth's vocals bring a storytelling, troubadour quality, while his writing suggests the poetic, personalized depths of an urban Lucinda Williams... Rarely does a musician arrive on the scene with the songwriting craftsmanship displayed by Seth Davis.' David E. Feldman Aural Fix 10/2001 ??A??A??A??A??A??A??A??A??A??A??A??A??A??A??A??A??A??A??A??A??A??A??A??A??A??A??A??A??A??A??A??A??A??A??A??A??A??A??A?? I was recently pegged 'Veteran alt-folkie Seth Davis' & the 'veteran' thing is funny to me, but not inaccurate in that I've been playing my songs in & around the N.Y. scene for over a decade...can't wear the popular 'rising star' metaphor anymore.... more like a 'relentless sport' some days. Been around this mud puddled block a few times & I've almost quit a few more. But I've never considered giving up my self imposed feature role as songwriter & singer for generation is my second's how i see the world & what helps me to make sense of it... goes a little like this..... My only sibling, big brother Kim was a child of the 60's, an obsessed record collector & a jazz saxophonist. 10 years between us, he played loads of music I couldn't understand at the time, & plenty that I couldn't get enough of. I still remember the LP sleeves littering the bedroom floor & all over our beds... Van Morrison, Beatles, Gil Scott Heron, Laura Nyro, Thelonius Monk, Beatles, Joni Mitchel, Beach Boys, Switched on Bach, West Side Story, Dylan (Bob), Beatles, Coltraine, John Denver, Peter Paul & Mary, George Carlin, Paul Simon, Joan Baez, Stones, the Tommy album... Some of it made me feel like I was 8 hours into the acid trip I'd never had, but most of it made me wanna live. Kim taught me how to shoplift chocolate bars, how to block an over-handed knife attack & how to fingerpick 'House Of The Rising Sun'. He was my hero for a long while. My parents had me in their 40's & were married for 48 years. Dad shared Kims love of improvisational jazz & gave me his kindness & his dry sense of humor (so don't blame me). Mom loved Spanish dancing, all foods (except beets) & was a wild, wild soul who painted the most beautiful flowers you've ever seen. She taught me to recognize intense beauty in the ordinary, the extraordinary in the ugly, & to never hastily trash a project gone awry. She also tried to instill in me the importance of having a steady & practical livelihood.....a lesson i haven't yet learned. She went on the Cyclone in coney island with me when she was 53 & whenever I played her a new song she'd alternately correct my grammar & cry uncontrollably. I was raised in Flushing, Queens, N.Y. USA, Earth within blocks of both Simon and Garfunkel, members of Kiss, Matt Groenig (the Simpsons creator), all of the Ramones & Fran Drescher of the Nanny. (Don't know what that says about the local water but it gives me some slanted sense of fellowship.) Lived right across from Queens college which bred Marvin Hamlish & Carole King & where I spent a semester & a half majoring in drama & space invaders. I wrote songs beginning at age 12 & sang them to Sammy the cat until i swear he either fell into a dream state or retreated for the litter box....hints of rejection abounded. Played guitar & sang 'this land is your land' in a 5th grade talent show duet with John Garabo, who's now morning guy at KISS Country radio in central California. He played piano so neither my guitar nor our voices were audible. Rough first gig. Wouldn't be the last. I almost never learned other

Prizoner of My Mind
The Color of Our Eyes
13 Blamin' Lane
Ruby Aiyo
The Promising
In Stereo
To Live With You