Stephen Bennett : Music From Tsenacommacah

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 Notes & Reviews
For many, this CD is a must-listen. More solemn than his others, this CD, which includes the Powhatan Suite, speaks of Stephen's deep respect for the natives of this country. About the suite, he says, 'After reading a couple of books recently on the early interactions betweeen the incoming Europeans and the native peoples of Virginia, I was moved to try to make some musical pictures of certain events and individuals; soundtracks in my head. The 400th anniversary of the establishment of the English settlement at Jamestown is coming up soon and likely to be celebrated in a big way here in Virginia, which is fine. It's just that reading about it more closely, one doesn't get much of a sense of the heroic...' -------- So, What's Unique about Stephen Bennett? The testimony of concert-goers is that his work is the product of both mind and heart, intellectually challenging and emotionally satisfying - - and it is deeply personal, even as it is universal. Listeners have a feeling that they have stepped into the world of the musician, and for a short moment in time, there are only the two of them there. Says reviewer Kim Korman Brown, with the World Community Network in Norfolk, Virginia, 'With his ear near the body of the harp guitar, Mr. Bennett gave the impression of a father cradling a newborn baby. .. His performance was imbued with heart and grace.' Joe Morgan, producer of a Texas Guitar Festival, writes, 'His music. .. draws the listener in. He has the ability to make you feel as though you are a part of the music he is making. There are many amazing guitar players that are not able to make that statement.. .. he's also one of the nicest people I've ever known. That comes through in his music as well.' Want to know what his fans say? About the Performer 'Stephen Bennett is a world class guitarist! He is a virtuoso player on the six-string guitar and the harp guitar. He is an important part of our Chet Atkins Appreciation Society Convention every year in Nashville. He is a wonderful composer and arranger, and I am sure you will be amazed at his music! Mark Pritcher, President, Chet Atkins Appreciation Society, 12/9/02 'He has come to be known as an acoustic guitar master. .. Bennett offers a variety from fiercely flat-picked fiddle tunes, to delicate fingerstyle arrangements of anything from the Beatles to Tchaikovsky, with thoughtful expression, melodic inventiveness, and impeccable control over the instrument.' -Walnut Valley Reviews, 2002 'Bennett plays in an insistently expressive manner with a precise, vigorous attack and flawless timing.. . He bends, stretches and wrings out simple, direct melodies on the ballads and can fire off convoluted phrases that string together all manner of syncopated, hammered-on and pulled off single notes, harmonics and crosspicked arpeggios on diminished runs, chromatic scales and suspended major and minor ninth chords on the faster tunes.' -Walnut Valley Reviews, 1989 'Count me a fan. It's amazing to me that the man can produce so many beautiful notes without obviously moving his fingers. I am mesmerized. I love Stephen's stage presence. He's a consummate musician and gentle humorist who's sensitive and accessible to his audience. He can play a piece so poignantly that there are audible sniffles throughout the hall, then with just a subtle shift in tempo and some tricky fingering he can make us all chuckle - - a musician magician. And he's right: under certain stage lights his hair does look a little gray. Simply amazing. -J. Holley Watts, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Virginia, 11/15/02 About the Composer/Arranger 'His own compositions are great, and his arrangements of well-known tunes are refreshing, full of new ideas; it seems as if he has composed these songs anew.' - Bernd Weber, German guitar festival promoter, 11/28/02 'His compositions are so beautiful, filled with great emotion and great sensitivity. He is one of those musicians who serve the music, and only the music.' -Regis Yagoubi, President, Guitar Picking Association, Douai, France 'His original composi

Don Luis Returns to Ajacan
I Will Remove Myself Farther From You
Opechancanough Dreams
The Ghost of Tatapatamoi
The White Man's Word
Song for Tsenacommacah
Always Smiling
Kitty & Clyde
Heron Waits
Short & Sweet
Get Down, Dell
Traveling Song