Various Artists : Calypso Craze

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The set comprises six CDs, covering the following topics: Before The Craze: Calypso Hits Of The 1930s, 40s, And Early 50s Belafonte And Calypso - Before And After Calypso Calypso Goes Pop (... and R&B, Rock 'N' Roll, Folk, Country, Comedy, And Jazz), Calypso On Stage And Screen, Calypso 'Across The Pond': The Calypso Craze In England, Mondo Calypso: The Calypso Craze In The Circum-Caribbean And Around The World.

Marry An Ugly Woman- Lion, The
Edward the Viii - Caresser, The
Roosevelt in Trinidad - Atilla the Hun
Guests of Rudy Vallee - the Lion & Atilla the Hun
Matilda - King Radio
He Had It Coming - Wilmoth Houdini
Sing a Tropical Song - Andrews Sisters, The
Rum & Coca Cola - Andrews Sisters, The
Scandal in the Family- Sir Lancelot
The Century of the Common Man - Sir Lancelot
Old Lady With a Rolling Pin - Sir Lancelot
Mary Ann - Lord Invader, Armando Castro & Joe
Calypsonian Invasion - Duke of Iron
Jackie Robinson - Lord Invader
Run Joe - Louis Jordan
Stone Cold Dead in the Market (He Had It Coming) - Fitzgerald, E
Cab Calloway- Macbeth the Great
Cold in De Winter - Thomas, Lloyd
Is She Is, Or Is She Ain't - Charmer, The
His Feet Too Big for De Bed- Kenton, Stan & Christy, June
Somebody Bad Stole De Wedding Bell - Kitt, Eartha
Calypso Blues - Cole, Nat'King'
Last Train- Duke of Iron
Labor Day Carnival (Jump in the Line)- Lord Invader
Chicago, Chicago- Lord Invader
Parakeets - Duke of Iron
Prisoner Arise (Prizonaire Lev) - Duke of Iron
Hurricane Janet - Lord Christo
Big Bamboo - Mighty Panther
Hacienda Hotel Radio Advertisement - Sir Lancelot
Man Smart (Woman Smarter) - Belafonte, Harry
Matilda - Belafonte, Harry
Hold'Em Joe - Belafonte, Harry
Kalenda Rock (Mourning Song)- Belafonte, Harry
Man Piaba Belafonte, Harry
Jump Down, Spin Around - Belafonte, Harry
Banana Boat Song- Belafonte, Harry
Jamaica Farewell - Belafonte, Harry
Brown Skin Girl - Belafonte, Harry
Melda Massi - Belafonte, Harry
Come Back Liza - Belafonte, Harry
Mary's Boy Child - Belafonte, Harry
Mama Look a Booboo- Belafonte, Harry
Cocoanut Woman- Belafonte, Harry
Island in the Sun- Belafonte, Harry
Scratch Scratch- Belafonte, Harry
Don't Ever Love Me- Belafonte, Harry
Cordelia Brown- Belafonte, Harry
Haiti Cheri- Belafonte, Harry
Judy Drownded - Belafonte, Harry
Lead Man Holler- Belafonte, Harry
Sweetheart From Venezuela - Belafonte, Harry
Gloria - Belafonte, Harry
Monkey - Belafonte, Harry
Reincarnation - Belafonte, Harry
Tongue Tie Baby- Belafonte, Harry
Don't Stop the Carnival- Belafonte, Harry
The Banana Boat Song - Tarriers, The
Marianne - Gilkyson, Terry & Easy Riders, The
Marianne- Hilltoppers, The
Calypso Melody - Rose, David
In De Banana Tree- Mills Brothers
Calypso Gal - Hayman, Richard
Bahama Mama- Four Aces Feat Alberts, Al
Curiosity Calypso - Gilbert, Ray
Mangos - Clooney, Rosemary & Comstock, Frank
Yellow Bird- Norman Luboff Choir, The
Calypso Hooray- Astaire, Fred
Calypso Joe - Johnson, Ray
Freddy's New Calypso- Mitchell, Freddie
When Rock & Roll Come to Trinidad- Cole, Nat'King'
Dancing to the Rock & Rolla (Rum & Coca Cola)- Fontane Siste
Calypso Rock & Roll - Deeps, The
Calypso Rock - Day, Dave & Redcoats, The
Calypso Rock - Mike Pedicin Quintet
Waikiki Farewell - Wilson, Stan
(Tell De Batter To) Hit De Long Ball - Four Happy Fellas
Number One- Simpson, Hoke
Zombie Jamboree - Kingston Trio, The
Calypso Sweetheart - Snow, Hank
The Banana Boat Song - Johnnie & Jack
Let's Go Calypso- Draper, Rusty
My Man True to Me- Nita, Rita & Ruby
Banana Boat (Day-O) - Freberg, Stan
The Banana Boat Story (The Banana Boat Song) - Buchanan & Goodma
High Society Calypso- Armstrong, Louis
Take Me, Take Me - Scott, Hazel
Don't Stop the Carnival- Rollins, Sonny
The Safety Song (Make the Last One for the Road a Cup of Coffee)
Tastes Like Strawberries - Desmond, Johnny
Rock Calypso Joe - Treniers, The
Run Joe - Angelou, Maya
Donkey City- Angelou, Maya
Scandal in the Family- Angelou, Maya
Devil Is a Woman- Jeffries, Herb
The Naughty Little Flea- Lord Flea & His Calypsonians
Shake Shake Senora - Lord Flea & His Calypsonians
Calypso Be Bop - Lord Flea & His Calypsonians
Donkey Bray- Lord Flea
Calypso Rock- Mary Kaye Trio
Fire Down Below - Southern, Jeri
What Is This Generation Coming To? - Mitchum, Robert
Jean & Dinah- Mitchum, Robert
Don't Hurry Worry Me- Gilkyson, Terry & Easy Riders, The
Go, Go, Calypso! - Doren, Mamie Van
Technique - Boone, Pat
Mama Look a Booboo (Boo Boo Man) - Calypso Carnival Feat King Fl
Two Ladies in De Shade of De Banana Tree- Mosier, Enid & Her Tri
Boys Days- Mosier, Enid & Her Trinidad Steel Band
Yankee Dollar- Premice, Josephine
Leave De Atom Alone- Premice, Josephine
The Bottle Imp- Holder, Geoffrey
Sugar Cane - Holder, Geoffrey
Stew Pig Knuckles - Calypso Macniles
Wedding Bell Calypso (Man Talk Too Much)- Parker, Fess
Calypso Dance- Anthony, Ray
Limbo- Diamonds, The
Limbo - Roger King Mozian & El Boy
Chalypso - Duke, Billy & His Dukes
Chocolate Whiskey & Vanilla Gin- Ros, Edmundo
Day Dah Light (Banana Loaders' Song) - Connor, Edric
London Is the Place for Me - Lord Kitchener
Kitch (Small Comb, Scratch Me Head) - Lord Kitchener
Food From the West Indies - Lord Kitchener
The Underground Train - Lord Kitchener
Tick! Tick! (The Story of the Lost Watch)- Lion, The
Victory Test Match - Lord Beginner
John Goddard - Lord Beginner
Manchester United Calypso - Connor, Edric
Kitch's Bebop Calypso - Lord Kitchener
Is Trouble- Lord Kitchener
Chinese Children - Mighty Terror
Patricia Gone With Millicent- Mighty Terror
No Carnival in Britain- Mighty Terror
Brown Skin Gal- Mighty Terror
Prince Rainer- Lord Invader
My Experience on the Reeperbahn - Lord Invader
Woman Is a Man's Best Friend - Browne, George (Young Tiger)
Liberia - Bliff Radie Byne
Last Train to San Fernando- Duncan, Johnny & Blue Grass Boys, Th
Sweetie Charlie- Holder, Frank
Coffee Bar Calypso - Daniels, Maxine
Gossip Calypso - Cribbens, Bernard
Shame & Scandal in the Family- Percival, Lance
Atomic Nightmare -Talbot Brothers
Don't You Call Me Boo Boo - Talbot Brothers
Collegiate Invasion - Bean, Sidney & Fough, Eddie
Green Ticket - Smith, Hubert
Right Side of the Road - Smith, Hubert & His Coral Islanders
Don't Touch Me Tomato - Goombay Kings
Calypso Island - Eloise Trio, The
Run, Come See Jerusalem - Blind Blake
Delia' Gone - Blind Blake
Hold'Em Joe - Lord Foodoos & His Calypso Band
Calypso Cha Cha Cha - Count Lasher & His Calypsonians
Don't Blame It on Elvis - Fabulous Mcclevertys, The
I Like Ike - Mighty Zebra
Scandal in St Thomas - Mighty Zebra
Vim, Vigor & Vitality - La Motta Brothers, the & Virgin Island
Calypso Joe - Amando, Luis
Calypso Man- Prado, Perez & Jays, The
Jack, Jack, Jack- El Boy
Calypso Blues- Puente, Tito Feat Versatones, The
Matilda- Cuarteto D'aida
Weekend News - Lord Caresser
Atomic Energy - Lord Caresser
Nescafe Calypso - Woiski, Max
Limbo - Nina & Frederik
Ramadin- All Stell Percussion Band of Trinidad [Taspo]
Ugly Girls Have Pretty Names - La Viny, Geraldo & Clemendore, Jo
Mama Ist Aus Kuba - Babs, Alice
Banana Boat Song- Hamamura, Michiko
If You Wanna Be Happy- Soul, Jimmy