Various Artists : Kentucky Mountain Music

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Maybe it's something in the air, maybe it's something in the water, and MAYBE it's something in the whiskey, but Kentucky is to fiddle music, banjo playing and classic old ballads what the Mississippi Delta is to blues, and this 7-CD box contains almost 200 all-time great performances by some of the finest country performers of the '20s and '30s-the most comprehensive collection of early roots music ever assembled! A thick 5' x 11' booklet breaks it all down with amazing period photos and copious notes. Includes some of the earliest known recorded performances of songs that have become a big piece of our American musical heritage: The Roving Boy Justis Begley; Buffalo Gals Crockett Family Mountaineers; Fire on the Mountain Ted Gossett's Band; I Wish I Was a Mole in the Ground Green Bailey; There's More Pretty Girls than One Rutherford & Foster; Pretty Polly Pete Steele; You'll Miss Me when I'm Gone Oaks Family, and more.

Ladies on the Steamboat Burnett & Rutherford
The Dying Soldier Buell Kazee
Little Rabbit/Rabbit Where's Your Mammy Crockett Family Mountain
I Truly Understand You Love Another Man Shortbuckle Roarke & Fam
Eighth of January Ted Gossetts Band
All Night Long Blues Burnett & Rutherford
Shipping Port Jimmy Johnsons String Ban
The Rowan County Crew Robert L. Day
Deer Walk Doc Roberts
Let Her Go, I'll Meet Her Rutherford & Foster
That's My Rabbit, My Dog Caught It Walter Family
Lillie Dale Martin & Roberts
Cumberland Gap - Rutherford, Moore & Burnett
The Old Fish Song James Howard
The Red Hill Special Fort Thomas Group
If I Die a Railroad Man Green Bailey
Grand Hornpipe J.W. Day
East Virginia Walter Williams
Forked Deer Taylors Kentucky Boys
Pretty Polly Pete Steele
Run Banjo Justis Begley
We'll Understand It Better Bye & Bye Kentucky Mountain Chorust
Curley Headed Woman Burnett & Rutherford
Gate to Go Through Jimmy Johnsons String Band
Hot Corn Martin & Roberts
Grandma's Rag Taylor, Moore & Burnett
I'm As Free Little Birdie As Can Be Rutherford & Foster
Rocky Mountain Goat Ted Gossetts Band
Shut Up in Coal Creek Mine Green Bailey
Sugar in My Coffee (Medley) Crockett Family Mountaineers
The Butcher's Boy (The Railroad Boy) Buell Kazee
New Money Doc Roberts
Pearl Bryan Burnett & Rutherford
Crooked John Kentucky String Ticklers
The Moonshiner Daw Henson
Forked Deer J.W. Day
The Dixie Cowboy Taylors Kentucky Boys
Mississippi Sawyer Walter Williams
Six Months Ain't Long Rutherford & Foster
Blackberry Blossom Ed Morrison
Ellen Smith Theophilus Hoskins
Five Up Henry L. Bandy
Payday at Coal Creek Pete Steele
Golden Willow Tree Justis Begley
The Last Appeal Alice & Martha Williams & Elizabeth Flatt
Way Up on Clinch Mountain J.W. Day
Going to Jail Ted Gossetts Band
Richmond Blues Rutherford & Foster
Soap in the Washpan Jimmy Johnsons String Band
Ain't Going to Lay My Armor Down Mcvay & Johnson
Old Voile Blue Ridge Mountaineers
Gentle Annie Asa Martin
Billy in the Low Ground Burnett & Rutherford
Lady Margaret & Sweet William Daw Henson
And the Cat Came Back Doc Roberts
Pass Around the Bottle Walter Williams
Coal Creek March Marion Underwood
Johnny O Johnny Pete Steele
Taylor's Quickstep (Monroe County Quickstep) Rutherford & Foster
I've Been All Around This World Justis Begley
Jenny Baker Jimmy Johnsons String Band
Come All You Roving Cowboys Clay Walters
Soldier's Joy Taylors Kentucky Boys
I Came to This Country Maynard Britton
Medley of Old Time Dance Tunes - Part 1 - Husking Bee/Old Molly
Rambling Reckless Hobo Burnett & Rutherford
Wild Horses Bill Stepp & Walter Williams
Old Christmas Boyd Asher
The Rowan County Feud Ted Chesnut
Wish I Had My Time Again Hatton Brothers
Old Flannigan Blue Ridge Mountaineers
Willie Moore Burnett & Rutherford
The Wild Wagoner J.W. Day
My Cabin Home Among the Hills Asa Martin
Bow Legged Irishman Ted Gossetts Band
There's No One Like the Old Folks Rutherford & Foster
Old Blind Dog Jimmy Johnsons String Band
The Sporting Bachelors Buell Kazee
Sourwood Mountain Taylors Kentucky Boys
The Roving Boy Justis Begley
Of Old Time Dance Tunes - Part 2 (Sourwood Mountain/Sally in The
Lack Fol Diddle I Day Pete Steele
Lost John Burnett & Rutherford
There's More Pretty Girls Than One Rutherford & Foster
Shaker Ben Walter Family
Jesus Walking Through the Land Rev. Sherwin Sizemore & Church Of
Pickaway Greens String Band
Wallins Creek Girls Daw Henson
We'll All Go to Heaven When the Devil Goes Blind Ed Morrison
John Hardy Walter Williams
Wink the Other Eye Hacks String Band
Hickory Jack Boyd Asher
Working's Too Hard J.M. Mullins
Sail Away Ladies Henry L. Bandy
The Great Reaping Day Kentucky Mountain Chorusters
Buffalo Gals (Medley) Crockett Family Mountaineers
Three Black Sheep Howard & Peak
Run Them Coons in the Ground Clifford Gross
I Wish I Was a Mole in the Ground Green Bailey
Fire on the Mountain Ted Gossetts Band
Wake Up You Drowsy Sleepers Oaks Family
Cuttin at the Point Charlie Wilson & His Hillbillies
The Cowboy Trail Buell Kazee
Drink More Cider Jimmy Johnsons String Band
Two Faithful Lovers Rutherford & Foster
Maxwell Girl Taylors Kentucky Boys
Swafford Branch Stills Daw Henson
Wild Hog in the Woods Lonesome Luke & His Farm Boys
The Soldier & the Lady Marvin Thornton & Fort Thomas Group
Pine Tree Kentucky Woodchoppers
Lord Daniel Green Maggard
Leaving Here Blues Kentucky String Ticklers
The Peddler & His Wife James Howard
Waynesburgh Doc Roberts
Little Stream of Whiskey Burnett & Rutherford
Next to Your Mother, Who Do You Love Madisonville String Band
Little Birdie Pete Steele
Hog Eyed Man Theophilus Hoskins
(Fragment) Walter Williams
I'll Be Ready When the Bridegroom Comes Mcvay & Johnson
Bill Cheatam Mangrum & Shriver
Short Life of Trouble Buell Kazee
B Flat Rag Madisonville String Band
The Fate of Ellen Smith Green Bailey
Washington Quadrille Jimmy Johnsons String Band
Storms May Rule the Ocean Rutherford & Foster
Gray Eagle Taylors Kentucky Boys
Bile Dem Cabbage Down Crockett Family Mountaineers
Martha Campbell Doc Roberts
I'll Be With You When the Roses Bloom Again Burnett & Rutherford
Shelvin Rock Charlie Wilson & His Hillbillies
The Roving Cowboy Buell Kazee
Fox Chase Ted Gossetts Band
Dogs in the Ashcan Lonesome Luke & His Farm Boys
Come All Ye Fair & Handsome Girls Green Maggard
Rambling Hobo Pete Steele
Leather Breeches Clifford Gross
Poison in a Glass of Wine Bill Bundy
The Valentine Tom West
Flying Cloud Waltz Walter Family
A Western Union Telegram Ed Morrison
My Little Carpenter James Howard
Hook & Line Hatton Brothers
Will It Pay Oaks Family
Rocky Mountain Goat Clifford Gross
The Orphan Girl Buell Kazee
Honeymoon Stomp Doc Roberts Trio
I Ain't a Bit Drunk George Roark
Bacon & Cabbage Mangrum & Shriver
I Cannot Be Your Sweetheart Howard & Peak
Little Boy Working on the Road J.W. Day
I Must See My Mothers Martin & Hobbs
New Harmony Waltz Kentucky Woodchoppers
Sugar Hill Crockett Family Mountaineers
Kentucky Plowboy's March Hacks String Band
You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone Oaks Family
Tipple Blues Kentucky String Ticklers
He's Only a Miner Killed in the Ground Ted Chesnut
Rye Straw Doc Roberts
She's a Flower From the Fields of Alabama Rutherford, Moore & Bu
Ching Chow Jimmy Johnsons String Band
My Mothers Hands Shortbuckle Roark & Family
My Pretty Snow Deer Madisonville String Band
Walter Family Waltz Walter Family
Going Across the Sea Henry L. Bandy
Knoxville Rag Taylor, Moore & Burnett
I'm Rolling Along Buell Kazee