Various Artists : Next Stop Is Vietnam: War On Record

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 Notes & Reviews
Bear Family once again presents an entire college course masquerading as a boxed set with Next Stop Vietnam, the German label's look at the Vietnam conflict's impact on American society, an impact that reverberates to this day. Ranging from topical songs of the day to key sections of speeches addressing the war to latter-day reflections on it's fallout, this monumental, 13-CD set includes a full 334 tracks plus a 400-page hardcover book that includes an essay on the war by Lois T. Vietri, an oral history by Doug Bradley and Craig Warner, artist profiles, photos, lyrics and much more. Among the audio nuggets, many sad, some sublime: Eve of Destruction Barry McGuire; Masters of War Bob Dylan; 'Ike Warns of a Military/Industrial Complex'; Fightin' for the U.S.A. Jerry Reed; Ballad of the Green Berets Ssgt. Barry Sadler; Gallant Men Senator E.M. Dirksen; The Draft Dodger Rag Phil Ochs; 'Attacks in the Gulf of Tonkin/Resolution' President Lyndon Baines Johnson; An Open Letter to My Teenage Son Victor Lundberg; Kill for Peace Fugs; Simple Song of Freedom Tim Hardin; 'Bums on Campus...' President Richard M. Nixon; Waist Deep in Big Muddy Pete Seeger; War Edwin Starr; Lay Down (Candles in the Rain) Melanie; It's America, Love It or Leave It Ernest Tubb; The Fightin' Side of Me Merle Haggard; Day for Decision Johnny Sea; 'Report on My Lai' Mike Wallace & Paul Meadlo; The Unknown Soldier Doors; Galveston Glen Campbell; Singing in Viet Nam Talking Blues Johnny Cash; Give Peace a Chance Plastic Ono Band; Winding the War Down Stan Freberg; Sam Stone John Prine; 'Jane Fonda Talks about Her Trip to North Vietnam'; More Than a Name on the Wall Statler Brothers; Copperhead Road Steve Earle; Some Gave All Billy Ray Cyrus; I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-to-Die-Rag Country Joe & the Fish, and more.

Where Have All the Flowers Gone - the Kingston Trio
Soldier Boy - the Shirelles
Soldier's Plea - Marvin Gaye
Letter to a Buddie - Joe Medwick
Soldiers Who Want to Be Heroes - Rod Mckuen
Cruel War, the - Peter, Paul & Mary
Infiltration Blues, the - Dolf Droge (Previously Unreleased)
President Eisenhower Warns of A'Military Industrial Complex'
Masters of War - Bob Dylan
Distant Drums - Jim Reeves
'we're at War in Violation of the Constitution...' - Senator Way
There's a War - Morty Gunty
President Johnson Reports Attacks in the Gulf of Tonkin & Requ
What Did You Learn in School Today - Tom Paxton
Mr. Where Is Viet-Nam - Bob Necaise/'Lil' Gary D - (Featuring De
Talking Vietnam - Phil Ochs
Our Daddy's in Vietnam - Sandy & Sue
Willing Conscript, the - Pete Seeger
Goodbye High School (Hello Viet Nam) - Tommy Dee
Teenage Soldier Boy - Janie Hemphill - (Featuring the Tynsions)
Universal Soldier - Buffy Sainte-Marie
Universal Coward, the - Jan Berry
Eve of Destruction - Barry Mcguire
Dawn of Correction, the - the Spokesmen
We Ain't at War - the Teachers
Told the Nation - Lyndon B. Johnson
7 O'Clock News / Silent Night - Simon & Garfunkel
Christmas in Viet Nam - Private Charles Bowens & the Gentlemen F
Marching Off to War - William Bell
Battle of Vietnam - Jimmy Jack
Battle of Viet Nam, the - Hal Willis
Hello Vietnam - Johnnie Wright
Hello Viet Nam (Goodbye My Love) - Ray Hildebrand
It's for God, & Country, & You Mom (The Ballad of Viet Nam)
Fightin' for the U.S.A. - Jerry Reed
Is This a Useless War - Bill Napier / Charles Moore
Ballad of the Green Berets, the - Barry Sadler
Ssgt. Barry Sadler Interviewed by Four Students
He Wore the Green Beret - Lesley Miller
Son of a Green Beret, the (A Child's Ballad of the Green Beret)
'a' Team, the - Barry Sadler
Marine's Ballad - Staff Sgt. Bob Lay
Mind Your Manners, Boys - Jacqueline Sharpe
Cbs's Morley Safer With Marines at the Village of Cam Ne
Off to Viet Nam (In the Green) - Skeeter Bonn
Soldier in Viet Nam - Sue Simpson
Postmarked Viet Nam - June Black
Fearless Soldier, a - Mike Thomas
Gallant Men - Everett Mckinley Dirksen
Bob Hope Introduces Honey Ltd. While on Tour in Vietnam
Warrior, the - Honey Ltd
Private Wilson White - Marty Robbins
Danny Fernandez - Eddy Harrison
Sky Pilot, Pt. 1 - Eric Burdon & the Animals
Medic, the - Neil Ray
Nurse in the U.S. Army Corp[S] - Connie Francis
Brave Men Not Afraid - Bob Braun
'sensational Results...' - Henry Cabot Lodge
When the Green Berets Come Home - Capt. Ty Herrington
Uncle Sam Called Me (I Got to Go) - Arthur Weston
Greetings (Uncle Sam Wants You) - Shorty Long & the Santa Fe Ran
Here Comes Uncle Sam - Richie Kaye
Vietnam - J.B. Lenoir
Ballad of Our Times, the - Bob King & the King's Court
President Johnson Warns That'There Will Be Some Nervous Nellies
Hey! Uncle Sam - Combinations
I Gotta Go to Vietnam - John Lee Hooker
Uncle Sam - Jimmy Hughes
Fightin' for Sam - the Prophets
Draft Dodger Rag, the - Phil Ochs
Draft Time Blues - Midnight Sons
Greetings (This Is Uncle Sam) - the Monitors
Conscientious Objector - Keith Everett
My Uncle - the Flying Burrito Brothers
David Mcreynolds Explains Why He Burned His Draft Card
Draft Resister - Steppenwolf
The First Draft Lottery Birth Date - September 14 - Is Announced
Red White & Blue, the - Verlin Speeks
Psa to Parents From Bing Crosby - Freedoms Roll-Call
Open Letter to My Teenage Son, An - Victor Lundberg
Letter to Dad, a - Every Father's Teenage Son
Letter From a Teenage Son - Brandon Wade
Please Mr. Johnson - Dewey Jones
Little Becky's Christmas Wish - Becky Lamb
Wish You Were Here With Me - the Fawns
Army Bound - Lois & Karen
I Will Wait - Nancy Nally & Jubilee Wranglers
What's Been Going on in Viet Nam - Ginger & Jean
Does Anybody Know I'm Here? - the Dells
I Ain't Marching Anymore - Phil Ochs
Hell No, I Ain't Gonna Go - Elaine Laron / Matt Jones
War Drags On, the - Donovan
Kill for Peace - the Fugs
I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die Rag - Country Joe & the Fish
Saigon Bride - Joan Baez
Waist Deep in the Big Muddy - Pete Seeger
Psa by Merv Griffin Regarding Upcoming 1968 Elections - Freedoms
Eugene Mccarthy for President (If You Love Your Country) - Peter
Senator Eugene Mccarthy Speaks on Vietnam
Simple Song of Freedom - Tim Hardin
President Nixon Speaks on Vietnam & the Future of America
Fortunate Son - Paul Revere & the Raiders
Moratorium Speaker:'No More War...'
Lay Down (Candles in the Rain) - Melanie - (Featuring the Edwin
Ballad of Two Brothers - Autry Inman / Bob Luman
President Nixon Complains About'Bums on Campus...'
Mister Professor - Leroy Van Dyke
President Nixon Announces'Cambodian Incursion'
Brigadier General Robert Canterbury, Ohio National Guard, Explai
Monday in May (The Kent State Tragedy) - Third Condition
Kent State Massacre, the - Barbara Dane
A Kent State Student:'They Didn't Have Blanks...'
Arthur Krause, Kent State Father:'Is This a Reason for Killing
Student Demonstration Time - the Beach Boys
War - Edwin Starr
Bring the Boys Home - Freda Payne
I Should Be Proud - Martha & the Vandellas
People Let's Stop the War - Grand Funk Railroad
What We're Fighting for - Dave Dudley
Viet Nam Blues, the - Jack Sanders
There Won't Be Any Snow (Christmas in the Jungle) - Derrick Robe
I Wanna Help Hurry My Brothers Home - Jimmy Holiday
It's America, Love It Or Leave It - Ernest Tubb
Keep the Flag Flying - Johnnie Wright
What's Come Over This World - Billy Carr
Minute Men, the (Are Turning in Their Graves) - Stonewall Jackso
Day for Decision - Johnny Sea
Ballad of the Yellow Beret, the - Beachbums
Wish You Were Here, Buddy - Pat Boone
Gen. Westmoreland:'Militarily We Have Never Been in a Better Re
We Are Winning - Jim Bullington (Previously Unreleased)
Kathy's Letter - Kathy Hoffman
Dear Mr. President - Lee Gillson
Letter From a Boy in Vietnam - Mark Dauler
Ballad of the Unknown Soldier - Garland Frady
Freedom's Cause - Bill Floyd
Psa for Patriotism by Anita Bryant - Freedoms Roll-Call
'what The...' (Is Going on in Washington) - Bob Withers
Okie From Muskogee - Merle Haggard & the Strangers
Vice President Spiro Agnew Talks About A'spirit of National Mas
Keep Our Country Free - Tommy Kizziah
Fightin' Side of Me, the - Merle Haggard & the Strangers
War's Cross - the Senators
Ballad of My Lai - Matt Mckinney
Mike Wallace, Cbs News, Interviews Paul Meadlo About My Lai
Pinkville Helicopter - Thom Parrott
Battle Hymn of Lt. Calley - C Company - (Featuring Terry Nelson)
Lt. Calley Found Guilty of Crimes at My Lai
U.S.A. Soldier, the - Adams Brothers
Set Calley Free, Pt. 1 - Free Blue
Unknown Soldier, the - the Doors
War Is Hell - Hugh X. Lewis
Morley Safer, Cbs News, Reports a Death in the Jungle
Viet Nam - Southern Belles
Waitin' for the V.C. to Come - Sgt. Gayle Parker
Letter From Viet Nam, a (To Mother) - Hank Snow
Street Without Joy, Pt. 1 - Tommy Finch
Out Here in Viet-Nam - Lindy Blaskey
A Soldier Writes Home From'Hamburger Hill'
To Susan on the West Coast Waiting - Donovan
Freckle-Faced Soldier - Colleen Lovett
Gentle Soldier, the - Tony Scott
Fellows in Vietnam - Inez & Charlie Foxx
My Soldier Boy Over There - the Shelletts
Return of a Soldier, the - Ric King
My World Ended in South Viet Nam Sweetheart - Winola Edmond / Th
And They Were Five - Zabka
4:00 A.M. in Viet Nam - Earle Epps
Follow Me - Capt. Gene Wyles
John Laurence, Cbs News, Interviews a G.I. About'suicide Walk'
Sir, My Men Refuse to Go - Don Meehan
Run Through the Jungle - Paul Revere & the Raiders
Galveston - Glen Campbell
Viet Nam - Jimmy Cliff
President Nixon Sets Out His'Vietnamization' Policy
Vietnam Rotation Blues - Lefty Pritchett
Soldier's Prayer, the - Paul Ott
War Keeps Draggin' On, the - the Wilburn Brothers
Goodbye Travis Air Force Base - Hershel Gober
Vietnam - the High Priced Help
Saigon - Barry Sadler
Bamiba (Ba Muoi Ba) - Barry Sadler
Saigon Girls - the Merrymen
Saigon Warrior - Maggie
Battle Hymn of the Republic of Vietnam
Secretary of Defense Robert Mcnamara Comments on the War's Progr
Mcnamara's Band - Dolf Droge
Southeast Asia's Disneyland - Dolf Droge
Grunt - Bill Ellis
Six Klicks - Hershel Gober
Ballad of the Uss St. Francis River - Radioman George Hughes
Brave Boys - Jim Bullington
Men of Mag-16, the - Jim Hatch
I Fly the Line - Dave Mckay
Phu Cat Star - Tony Mcpeak
Tchepone - Toby Hughes
Army Aviation - the Merrymen
Jolly Green - Bull Durham
This Is the American Forces Vietnam Network, Where the Hits Just
Armed Forces Radio - Paul Revere & the Raiders
We Gotta Get Out of This Place - Paul Revere & the Raiders
Introduction To'A Date With Chris' - Chris Noel
Leaving on a Jet Plane - Peter, Paul & Mary
Singing in Viet Nam Talking Blues - Johnny Cash
Boonie Rat Song - Chuck Rosenberg
I've Been Everywhere - Chip Dockery / Dick Jonas
Played Around & Stayed Around Vietnam Too Long - Bull Durham /
Freedom Bird - Bill Ellis
War Is Over, the - Phil Ochs
Give Peace a Chance - Plastic Ono Band
Sign of The'V' - Bobby Bloom
Real Silent Majority, the - George Jay
Please Settle in Vietnam - Lightnin' Hopkins
Winding the War Down / Mcgovern-Hatfield Amendment to End the Wa
Johnny's Not a Toy Soldier - Bobby Zehm
Pencil Marks on the Wall - Henson Cargill
Why (A Peace Medley) - Coast
Peace Will Come (According to Plan) - Melanie
Chant for Peace - the People
What's Going on - Marvin Gaye
Happy Xmas (War Is Over) - Plastic Ono Band - (Featuring the Har
Congratulations (You Sure Made a Man Out of Him) - Arlene Harden
President Nixon:'I Call on Hanoi to Release All Pows...'
Mia/Pow (Prisoner of War Song) - Captain John Canty
Prisoner of War - Bobby Adams / Norma Jean Carpenter
I Promise I'll Wait - Nancy
President Nixon:'Peace With Honor in Vietnam'
When the Brothers Come Marching Home - Nu Page
John Laurence, Cbs News:'A Cease Fire Has Come...'
Story of Vietnam, the - Bobby Glover
Sp4 Tom Fowlston, Afvn News, Reports on Pow Releases
Prisoner of War (Welcome Back Home) - Billy Holeman
Welcome Home Pow - Eldon Fault
War Is Over, the - All of the Above
We Are Glad That Our Boys Are Coming Home - David L. Cash
Welcome the Boys Back Home - Bill Moss & the Celestials
Long Long Time Ago, a - Mick Lloyd
Ballad of the Plastic Prince - Robin St. Pierre
Returning Home From Vietnam - Auditions
(The Two Wars Of) Old Black Joe - Dr. William Truly, Jr
Wallace Terry Interviews Black Fighting Men in Vietnam
Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town - Kenny Rogers & the First Ed
Sam Stone - John Prine
Hanoi Hannah News Broadcast Excerpt
Hanoi Hannah - Roger Mcguinn
Jane Fonda Hanoi Press Conference Excerpt
Hanoi Jane - Leon Rausch
Napalm Sticks to Kids - the Covered Wagon Musicians
Americans, the (A Canadian's Opinion) - Gordon Sinclair
American's Answer, An (To Gordon Sinclair) - Charles Ashman
Text of President Jimmy Carter's Pardon for Draft Dodgers
True Red White & Blue Never Run (Amnesty Be Damned) - Bob Aden
Vietnam - John Paul Brennan
Born on the Fourth of July - Tom Paxton
Khe Sanh - Cold Chisel
Soldier Of'Nam - Mike Callender
Still in Saigon - the Charlie Daniels Band
Big Parade, the - 10,000 Maniacs
Long Black Wall - Johnny Anthony
More Than a Name on a Wall - the Statler Brothers
I Was Only 19 (A Walk in the Light Green) - Redgum
19 - Paul Hardcastle
19 in Vietnam - Pete Kennedy & Bound for Glory
Walking on a Thin Line - Huey Lewis & the News
Orange Crush - R.E.M
Old Hippie - the Bellamy Brothers
Copperhead Raod - Steve Earle
Beach Party Vietnam - the Dead Milkmen
Salute the Boys of Vietnam - J.C. Weaver
They're Still Heroes Today - Stu Huggens & the Susquehanna River
Song for the Unsung Soldiers - Fred Parent
Bring'Em on Home From'Nam - Tim Nowland / Reggie Gates
Forgotten Man, the - Joleen Benoit
Vets' Song, the - Cathy Winter
Veteran's Song (Welcome Home) - Jeffrey D's
Combat Vet - Pat Murphy
Cowboys on Horses With Wings - Hoyt Axton
Big Time in the Jungle - Old Crow Medicine Show
Galveston Bay - Bruce Springsteen
Riding With Private Malone - David Ball
Ride to the Wall - Paul Revere & the Raiders
8th of November - Big & Rich
Some Gave All - Billy Ray Cyrus
Vietnam Foreign Correspondent - the Peacemakers
Girl in the Picture, the (Napalm Girl) - Yanah
Ballad of Billy Saigon - Wes & Victoria
Song for Hugh Thompson - David Rovics
Back in Vietnam - Alan Ross Haynes
Bring Them Home - Pete Seeger
Thank You Vets - Paulette Carlson
Sons & Daughters - Sons & Daughters in Touch / Pat Garvey
Don't Give Us a Reason - Hank Williams, Jr
Theme for An American Hero - Chip Taylor
I Ain't Here Alone - Michael J. Martin / Tim Holiday
Luang Prabang - Patrick Sky
Quang Tri City - Bill Homans
Pretty Place - Stev
Viet Vet - Dick Jonas
Get Me Out of Vietnam - Irv Levine
I Didn't Go To'Nam But I Do Give a Damn -'Bubba' Lee Jones
Warspeak - Marc Waszkiewicz / Lea Jones
Johnny Rambo - Rick Duvall
I Should Have Been in Tokyo - Bobby Lee
Bobby's Saigon Boogie - Phil Ferrazano
A.P.O. San Francisco - Jessie Nighthawk
Borderline - Larry Barkemeyer
Dustoff - Jim Somers
Girl Next Door, the (Combat Nurse) - Country Joe Mcdonald
Women on the Wall, the - John Black
Who Are the Names on the Wall - Michael J. Martin / Tim Holiday
Wall, the - Michael Mccann
Finally Welcomed Home - Lt. Bobby Ross
Vietnam: Still Part of Who I Am - F.P.O. San Francisco
Dr. Fall - John Black
Walking Time Bomb - Stephen Maxner
Leroy's Song - Chuck Price
This Shirt of Mine - Sarge Lintecum
It's Just a Nam Thing - 27 Grunts / Ole 1
Shell Shock Ptsd - Blind Albert
Hot L.Z. (Thorazine Shuffle) - Stev
I'm Certified - Bill Craft
Jungleman, the - Lonnie Chance
Agent Orange Song - Country Joe Mcdonald
Thanks, Secret Agent - Jimmy Logston
It Ain't Over'Till It's Over, Over Here - Chuck Price
Claymore Polka, the - Jim Walktendonk
Va Shuffle - Michael J. Martin
Forgotten Man - Chris Noel
Veteran's Lament - Jim Cook / Taylor Mckinnon
20 Years of Tears - Larry Barkemeyer
What Kind of Men - Rick Duvall
American Heroes - Vettz
Vietnam I'm Dreamin' Dreamin' on - John Black
Time to Lay It Down (Aka the Wall) - Michael J. Martin / Tim Hol