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Special Music to Help Heal Your Pet! This CD/MP3 program uses hypnotic Neurosonic Frequencies, calming classical music & a human heartbeat to place any pet into the deeply relaxed state of Delta where physical recuperation is heightened. Think of this as a deep 'bed rest' for pets. In this deeply relaxed state your pet will experience a great reduction in anxiety and will become more capable of dealing with any injury-related pain. Simply play the CD/MP3 on repeat when they need to rest for best results. How Does this Program Work? This is simply a very relaxing combination of music, sound & frequencies that will help animals (as well as humans) enter into a prolonged state of ultra deep relaxation. It will promote the Delta brainwave state within the animal. In Delta, animals, as well as humans, experience increased REM rates, deeper sleep and consequent better physical recovery. This has been proven through many independent scientific studies to not only be emotionally beneficial but to also help the body recover quicker and more easily in animals and humans. What is Special About the Audio? The soundtrack on this program is special because it takes the animal into relaxation quicker, deeper and more easily then any other pet music audio product available. It contains a patented combination of frequencies by Rick Collingwood called Neurosonic Frequencies which utilize isochronic brainwave entrainment technology to easily coax the animal's mind into deep relaxation. On top of the super effective frequencies is the constant beat of a human heart which is very comforting to all animals as well as classical music played at an ultra slow tempo in time with the heartbeat. The resulting effect is like a wave of relaxation over the animal. What Animal's Will Benefit? This program is beneficial to all common domestic pets and animals including dogs, cats, horses, guinea pigs, rabbits, mice, birds & even cows. The sounds on this CD or MP3 are within most animal's hearing frequency range and are easily processed through the animal's ears and then mind to instill a state of deep relaxing sleep. Running Time: 65mins Testimonial: In October my Dalmatian puppy, Holly of just 9 months, was hit by a Nissan Truck. She broke her legs, pelvis and dislocated her spine as well as being badly scarred. The vets didn't even think it was worth washing her as they were sure she would have to be put down. Laying in her bed we played her your Pet Healing CD. The next day the vets couldn't believe her determination to get better and so washed her and bandaged her legs. A week later the vets were calling her the 'Miracle Dog' and were bringing in specialists to work on her as she was such a happy puppy who seemed to have a willpower to heal. We continued to play the Pet Healing CD to Holly every evening and sometimes during the day when she was feeling restless. Now Six weeks later she is walking, wagging her tail again and on the path to being our happy puppy again. Thanking you from the bottom of my heart, Lauren xx.

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