Boris And The Saltlicks : Cactusman Versus The Blue Demon

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Boris McCutcheon is a complex American original. One of the most mischevious songwriters and talented singers of his generation, he has challenged what is commercially and non-commercially viable in the industry from the beginning of his career. His first release in 2000, Mother Ditch, has gained cult status. The debut album contains eclectic roots music with tuba, circus sounding waltzes and scratch and sniff lyrics that are almost too vivid. In 2003 Boris recorded his second offering, When We Were Big, in Tucson, AZ. with his band The Salt Licks. A one of a kind psychedelic rock/folk record that has gained momentus critical acclaim in Europe as well as stateside, it inspired several tours of Europe with international backing and press support. The force behind the lyrics and music is unmistakable... Boris' voice. From a wisper, to a yodel, to his trademark soulful attack, Boris' gruff voice will penetrate and'sooth that spot the listener cannot reach.' For this reason his albums have been known to live in people's cars until the CDs are worn out and scratched beyond repair. Boris was born in 1969, grew up on farmland and learned to ride a horse before he could walk. His mother is a horse trainer and shepherd and his father is a woodcutter and singer himself. In 1988 Boris attended Marlboro College in Vermont where he hoped to become a better writer. In 1992 he attended UCSC in hopes of becoming a better farmer. His Guild guitar held a tremendous gravitational pull that he could never shake despite the best-laid plans. Boris has made a living as a farmer, oxen driver, chimney sweep, irrigation designer, carpenter, deckhand and stone mason. Hey knows hay from straw... For 14 years Boris soaked up the scenery, spirit and people of the Southwest, Northern California, and New England before making his home in New Mexico in 2004. In the fall of 2005 he became a member of the Frogville Records family in Santa Fe where his third album was recorded in Oct. 2005 with The Salt Licks. Cactusman Versus The Blue Demon is slated for release in early 2006. Boris claims to be either a musical shaman or a cosmic fool stuck somewhere between Harry Smith's Folk anthology and the 1970's. Not a bad place to be all in all. From the works of his three unique and distinct releases and with many tours under his belt, Boris has proven himself to a large fan base and to fellow artists alike as an insperation. A stylistic maverick and chameleon long before he heard Beck and has been playing alt/country long before he ever stumbled on Uncle Tupelo. Boris McCutcheon is a complex American artist as diverse and colorful as God's Country itself. '... Americana with a Southwestern bent and a railyard twist, what Howe Gelb might do some night among the saguaro with a hit of acid and a Neil Young bug up his ass.' - Michael Henningsen, Alibi 'Rich & gruff like Nebraska era Springsteen with a swamp rock edge, the somewhat weathered voice of Boris McCutcheon is the perfect rusty vehicle for his conversational songwriting style' -Miles of Music 'McCutcheon certainly is a musical vanguard in his own right- he tosses ego out the window and equally marries acoustics, thoughts and traditional instruments into a tried, tested and proven genre of music and breathes new life into it' -Roman Sokal, Exclaim 'earthy and full of imagery and emotion....outstanding!' -Douglas Sloan, Metronome '..roomy, rustic and organic...warmly weathered vocals.' -Jonathan Perry, Boston Globe.

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