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Sell date: 5/2001
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 Notes & Reviews
Not my favorite Tool album, but anything by Maynard is good to me.
- Tim Drinkwater, 08/16/2004, USA

Every time Lateralus is on the player, I'm turning up the volume too far. Gonna have to buy a bigger amp for this puppy.
- Dfsweetnam, 01/16/2002, USA

I'm probably too old to be listening to this stuff, but it's actually pretty good. 'Carved from lead' is an apt image for this progressive metal. It's halfway through the 80-minute disc before there's a song in straight 4/4 time, and the odd meters have solid rock rhythms (yeah!). The band also gets points for extended song structures that eschew repetition, but, surprisingly, then fail to allow space for improvisation---one could suspect the guitarist and bassist aren't quite up to it. The harmonies seem to consist solely of major chords. I read the lyrics at the band Web site: they're mostly unintelligible on the recording. That's probably just as well since they turn out to be not all that interesting. Despite that, about half the album is terrific, very loud stuff. Oh, and I very much like the clever CD package art. My decadent 'parental advisory' is to crank that mother!
- Brian A Skiff, 09/24/2001, USA

Not as awesome as =AENEMA=!!!
- Otokomae, 08/10/2001, USA

This album sounds like it was carved from lead and could be their best effort yet, bordering on brilliant. The musicianship and incredible lyrics remain a Tool staple. Some songs might be too long for some listeners, but every note is critical, as Tool forge their thoughts on the human condition from a more personal perspective than =Aenima=.
- Anthony Katsur, 06/05/2001, USA

I love Tool!
- Christopher Lake, 05/25/2001, USA

Deemed by Spin Magazine, Alternative Press, and millions of fans as one of the 'most anticipated albums of 2001.'

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