Vidovic/Bach/Ponce / Tarrega / Sulek : Ana Vidovic Guitar Recital

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Sell date: 8/2000
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 Notes & Reviews
She is one of the best.
- Robert Bynum, 03/18/2008, USA

When I first put this CD on, I was absolutley amazed: the first track is the Prelude of the 4th Lute Suite (BWV 1006a, by J.S. Bach) and she just RIPS through this one with amazing virtuosity. Unfortunately, Ms. Vidovic doesn't seem to have a'slow' mode of playing: the following Loure on track #2 was quite rushed, and the rest of the suite as well. It almost seemed that she was thinking that there is a medal of some sort for playing this Suite faster than anyone else alive. Perhaps, but not in MY book. And I have to say that this tendency was followed through on the whole of the CD. Her technique is unassailable, and her sense of tone control and fast phrasing and generating excitement, all are top-drawer. But there's no sense of lyricism or repose, it's all fast-fast-fast. Hopefully this trait wil be cured by the passing of time. In any case, she is certainly well worth a $6.00 investment!
- David D Norton, 04/08/2001, USA

J. S. Bach: Partita in E Major Bwv1006A
Ponce: Sonata Romantica
Sulek: the Troubadours Three
Tarrega: Capricho Arabe
Danza Mora
Walton: Five Bagatelles