Customer Ratings

The pairs of numbers that appear next to items are ratings from customers / the number of customers doing the ratings.

The ratings are on a simple 1-10 scale with 10 being the best.

The number to the right of the slash is the number of customers who have provided the ratings.

For example, 8.5/7 means that this CD has been given an average rating of 8.5 by a total of 7 customers.

When the total of customers has reached 10 or more we consider the rating to be statistically significant and the numbers are replaced with from 1 to 5 graphic stars like these: .

After first ordering from us, at the completion of the subsequent order we will solicit your ratings for your first order. Or, one can simply click here to rate previously purchased items.

The list of Highest Rated CDs is available for your review.

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