Import CDs

Many CDs in our catalog are "imports". These are CDs that are not normally distributed in the United States by their manufacturers. They have been imported from abroad by business people perceiving an unfulfilled market demand for them. This is a risky proposition, and import CDs are handled specially in a number of ways.

The supply lines for these CDs are far more volatile than the supply lines for domestic CDs. Import CDs also tend to be substantially more expensive than domestic CDs. Japanese imports carry the highest premium, partly because of the difficulty of acquiring them, and partly because they are perceived to be of generally higher quality. (Please be aware that the printed material with Japanese imports will likely be in Japanese.)

Import CDs are not returnable to our suppliers, and therefore once the order containing them is "In Process", their sale is final. Only defective import CDs may be returned, with prior authorization, for replacement.

Because we have multiple import suppliers, and because few of them provide the actual manufacturer's designations for the CDs, our computer is unable to reliably consolidate duplicate entries from multiple importers. As a result, there are quite a number of imports that can be found listed multiple times from different importers. In this case, it makes sense to select the cheaper import, of course.

If you seek imports not listed in our catalog, we recommend you try German Music Express' catalog at