Sitemap For Jazz/New Age
CDs With Artists Whose Names Begin With CH

Cha Cha Shaw
Cha-Young Han
Chad Anderson Quintet
Chad Carter
Chad Coe & Peter Leitch
Chad Edwards
Chad Lawson
Chad Wackerman
Chamber 3
Chamber 4
Chamber Jazz Sextet
Chamberlain Brass
Champian Fulton
Chandra Currelley
Chano Dominguez
Chano Dominguez/Javier Colina
Chantae Cann
Chantal Acda & Bill Frisell
Chantal Chamberland
Chantale Gagne
Chantilly Lace
Charenee Wade
Charleene Closshey
Charles Alexander
Charles Baron Mingus
Charles Compo
Charles Davis
Charles E Jones
Charles Earland
Charles Earland/Najee
Charles Evans
Charles Evans/Neil Shah
Charles Fambrough
Charles Gayle
Charles Gayle Trio
Charles Hamp
Charles Hart
Charles Johnson Jr
Charles Kynard
Charles Lloyd
Charles Lloyd & the Marvels
Charles Lloyd Quartet
Charles Lloyd/Chico Hamilton Quintet
Charles Lloyd/Stenosn/Jormin / Hart
Charles Lorenzo Hayes
Charles McPherson
Charles Mingus
Charles Mingus & Eric (Quartet Dolphy/Sextet)
Charles Mingus & Jazz Workshop All Stars
Charles Mingus/Bill Evans
Charles Mingus/Jim Knepper
Charles Mingus/Jimmy Knepper
Charles Mingus/John Laporta
Charles Mingus/Mingus Dynasty
Charles New Lloyd Quartet
Charles Owens
Charles Papasoff
Charles Pillow Large Ensemble
Charles Small
Charles Sullivan
Charles Thomas
Charles Thompson
Charles Tribute Earland Band
Charles Tyler
Charles Wizen
Charles Xavier
Charley Harrison
Charley Langer
Charli Persip & Superband
Charlie Apicella & Iron City
Charlie Argersinger
Charlie Ballantine
Charlie Barnet
Charlie Barnet & His Orchestra
Charlie Barnet & Jeri Southern
Charlie Barnet & Woody Herman/Stan Kenton
Charlie Byrd
Charlie Byrd & the Charlie Byrd Ensemble
Charlie Byrd Trio
Charlie Christian/Dizzy Gillespie
Charlie Christian/Dizzy Gillespie/Theloni Monk
Charlie Dechant
Charlie Doc Stewart
Charlie Haden
Charlie Haden Quartet West
Charlie Haden/Brad Mehldau
Charlie Haden/Gonzalo Rubalcaba
Charlie Haden/Hank Jones
Charlie Haden/Jan Garbarek/Egberto Gismonti
Charlie Haden/Jim Hall
Charlie Haden/Liberation Music Orchestra
Charlie Haden/Pat Metheny
Charlie Hunter
Charlie Hunter Trio
Charlie Hunter/Bobby Previte
Charlie Hunter/Bobby Previte/Dj Logic
Charlie Kohlhase
Charlie Mariano
Charlie Mariano/Quique Sinesi
Charlie May
Charlie May/All Star Big Band
Charlie Munro Quartet
Charlie Parker
Charlie Parker & Dizzy Gillespie
Charlie Parker Quintet
Charlie Parker/Dizzy Gillespie
Charlie Prawdzik
Charlie Rouse
Charlie Rouse/Julius Watkins
Charlie Rouse/Red Rodney
Charlie Sepulveda
Charlie Spivak
Charlie Spivak/Tex Beneke
Charlie Straight/His Orchestra
Charlie Ventura
Charlie Ventura & Bill Harris
Charlie Ventura/Bill Harris
Charly Antolini
Charly Richardson
Charmaine Clamor
Charmaine Neville Band
Charmin Michelle
Charmin Michelle/Joel Shapira
Charnett Moffett
Chase Morrin
Chaz Lipp Groove Tripp
Cheikh Ndoye
Chelo Segui
Chelsea Baratz
Chelsea McBride's Socialist Night School
Chelsea Reed/Fair Weather Five
Chembo Corniel
Cher Baker/Art Pepper
Cherie Lynn
Cherie Price
Cheryl Bartlett
Cheryl Benteen
Cheryl Hodge Group
Cheryl Jewell
Cheryl Jones
Chester Thompson
Chet Baker
Chet Baker & Duke (Trio Jordan & Quartet)
Chet Baker & Duke Jordan (Trio)
Chet Baker & Strings
Chet Baker & Wolfgang Lackersd
Chet Baker Quartet
Chet Baker Quintet
Chet Baker Trio
Chet Baker/Art Pepper
Chet Baker/Bill Evans
Chet Baker/Paul Bley
Chet Baker/Paul Desmond
Chet Baker/Russ Freeman
Chet Baker/Wolfgang Lackerschmid
Chet Doxas
Chiara Liuzzi
Chic Corea
Chicago Afro Latin Jazz Ensemble
Chicago Boogie Piano
Chicago Dixieland Forties/Va
Chicago Edge Ensemble
Chicago Loopers / Frank Chace
Chicago Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra
Chicago Plan
Chicago Stompers
Chicago Underground
Chicago Underground Duo
Chicago Underground Trio
Chicago Yestet
Chicago/London Underground/Rob Mazurek
Chick Bullock
Chick Corea
Chick Corea & Return to Forever
Chick Corea/Bela Fleck
Chick Corea/Gary Burton
Chick Corea/Herbie Hancock
Chick Corea/Hiromi
Chick Corea/Stanley Clarke/Lenny White
Chick Corea/Steve Gadd
Chick Elektric Corea Band
Chick Webb
Chick Webb & His Orchestra
Chick Webb/Bill Challis/Woody Herman
Chico Freeman
Chico Hamilton
Chico Hamilton & Euphoria
Chico Hamilton Quintet
Chico Hamilton/Charles Lloyd
Chico Hamilton/Eric Dolphy
Chico O'Farrill
Chico Pinheiro/Anthony Wilson
Chico Randall
Chico Y Guataca Freeman
Chie Ayado
Chieli Minucci & Special Efx
Chieli Minucci/Special Efx
Chihiro Yamanaka
Chill 7
China Moses/Neville Malcolm/Jerry Brown
Chinese Puzzle
Chip Davis
Chip Katz
Chip White
Chip Wickham
Cho Nam Hyuck Quartet
Chocolate Genius
Choi & Sacks
Chris Aycrigg
Chris Bangs
Chris Barber
Chris Barber / Barry Martyn
Chris Barber Jazz Band
Chris Beaty
Chris Beck
Chris Beier
Chris Bennett
Chris Biesterfeldt
Chris Blount/New Orleans Jazz Band
Chris Botti
Chris Bowden
Chris Brisciano
Chris Brotherhood of Breath McGregor
Chris Brubeck/Triple Play
Chris Burn
Chris Buzzelli
Chris Calloway
Chris Carroll
Chris Cheek
Chris Colangelo
Chris Connor
Chris Coogan
Chris Coulter
Chris David
Chris Dawson
Chris Dingman
Chris Doc Stewart
Chris Dundas
Chris Fagan
Chris Flory
Chris Foreman
Chris Gall
Chris Geith
Chris Gestrin
Chris Gestrin/Ben Monder/Dylan Van Der Schyff
Chris Glik
Chris Godber
Chris Greco Trio
Chris Greene
Chris Hansen & Hark Up's Down Home Horns
Chris Hazelton's Boogaloo 7
Chris Hunter
Chris Jazz McDonald Orchestra
Chris Jazz Quintet-Feat Laura Preble Klich
Chris Kase
Chris Laurence
Chris Lightcap
Chris Madsen Trio
Chris Massey
Chris McGregor
Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath
Chris McGregor/Brotherhood of Breath
Chris McNulty
Chris Morrissey
Chris Neville
Chris Oberholtzer
Chris Parker
Chris Plansker
Chris Potter
Chris Rogers
Chris Rossi
Chris Silverleaf Tyle Jazz Band
Chris Speed
Chris Speed/Human Feel
Chris Standring
Chris Stassinopoulos
Chris Taylor
Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau
Chris Vadala/Rick Whitehead
Chris Vasi
Chris Walden/St John's Choir
Chris Washburne
Chris Washburne & the Syotos Band
Chris Washburne/Syotos Band
Chris White
Chris White & the Cayuga Jazz Ensemble
Chris Whitey Anderson
Chris Woods/Jim McNeely
Chris Ziemba
Christa West
Christer Fredriksen
Christian Artmann
Christian Artmann & Philippine Duchateau
Christian Escoude
Christian Fabian
Christian Foley-Beining
Christian Howes
Christian Howes/Richard Galliano
Christian Howes/Robben Ford
Christian Jacob
Christian Marsh
Christian McBride
Christian McBride's New Jawn
Christian McBride/Inside Straight
Christian Muthspiel's Yodel Group
Christian Overton
Christian Pincock
Christian Pincock Quintet
Christian Prommers Drumlesson
Christian Sands
Christian Scott
Christian Tamburr
Christian Wallumrod
Christian Wallumrod Ensemble
Christian Wallumrod Sextet
Christian Winther
Christiana Drapkin
Christiane Dehmer Trio
Christina De Souza & Art Lande
Christina Watson
Christine & Jon
Christine Abdelnour
Christine Bougie
Christine Fagan
Christine Jensen
Christine Tassan/Les Imposteures
Christine Tobin
Christof Mahnig/Die Abmahnung
Christoph'Boogie Wolf' Steinbach
Christoph Baumann
Christoph Beck/Christoph Beck Quartet
Christoph Siegenthaler Trio
Christoph Stiefel
Christoph Stiefel/Septet
Christophe Devilla
Christophe Lartilleux
Christopher Boscole
Christopher Hollyday
Christopher Schwindt Quintet
Christopher Von Volborth
Christopher Zuar Orchestra
Christos Rafalides
Christy Baron
Christy Doran
Christy Doran's New Bag
Christy Doran/New Bag
Chrome Hill
Chrys Berri
Chu Berry
Chubby Jackson
Chubby Jackson/Marty Napoleon/Mickey Sheen
Chuchito Valdes
Chucho Valdes
Chuck Anderson Trio
Chuck Bergeron
Chuck Deardorf
Chuck Florence
Chuck Folds & His Sweet Basil Friends
Chuck Hedges
Chuck Israels/Metropole Orchestra
Chuck Jazz Orchestra
Chuck Loeb
Chuck Mangione
Chuck Marohnic
Chuck Marohnic/John Stowell
Chuck Owen & Jazz Surge With Randy Brecker
Chuck Owen/Jazz Surge
Chuck Redd
Chuck Wayne
Chuck Wayne & Joe Puma
Chuck Webb
Chuck Yamek
Churchjazz Ensemble